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DON REYNOLDS –  Humorous Economic & Technology Trends, Planner

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Real World Economist
Don is a past pension board chairman that was responsible for over $120 Billion Dollars in Pension and Trust Funds. He understands how important personal accountability and bottom line performance is, and the need for decision makers to have a clear vision of future trends and events in order to make successful long term strategic decisions.

Passionate Speaker
Reynolds has given over 1000 speeches and earned numerous speaking awards. He’s been described as “Passionate, Motivational, Mesmerizing and Funny. Most recently he was introduced as part Warren Buffet, part Jonathan Winters.

Accurate Forecaster
Over half of the presentations he made last year were for clients who invited him back for annual updates on specific economic and industry trends. Clients have described him “as near clairvoyant, amazingly precise and dead on target.”

Strategy Consultant
In 1986, Don founded 21st Century Forecasting, a research company focusing on long term global, economic, demographic, and technology trends. He frequently works with the leadership of major corporations and trade associations in interactive half day long strategic planning sessions helping them to identify specific trends that will impact their organizations’ long term profitability and help them develop pro-active strategies for success.

International Expert
He has lived 14 years overseas, visited over 50 countries, has lectured on Free Market Systems at the University of Moscow, spoken about the Global Economy for the Saudi Arabian Central Bank, keynoted the Australian IT Summit, advised the Heavy Equipment Industry in Rome, Keynoted for international correspondents in Indonesia and spoken on the impact of global warming in Santiago.

Honored Educator
Don developed the nation’s first graduate business course on the 21st Century. He has a Masters Degree in Public Administration/Planning, a Doctoral background in Economics, and is a graduate of the Securities Industry Institute of the Wharton School. He has an honorary degree from the University of Moscow and was the first American member of the Moscow Center for Consulting Scientists.

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