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FRANK BUCARO America’s Leading Business Ethics Speaker and Trainer

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If you are interested in working with someone who will provide the dynamic spark for your meeting and someone with notable platform excellence, then Frank Bucaro is an outstanding choice for your event. This speaking veteran holds the prestigious award of CPAE, Speaker Hall-of-Fame (Council of Peers Award of Excellence) and the CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) designation through the National Speakers Association. To date, fewer than 200 speakers worldwide have been awarded the coveted CPAE, voted on exclusively by peers in the speaking industry.

The CSP is the speaking profession’s international measure of professional platform skill. Frank Bucaro continues to WOW his audiences with outstanding program outcomes through up-to-date research, easy to implement tools, and his uniquely humorous stories and powerful examples. Frank’s customization techniques further ensure that the presentation will provide relevant and useful information and will help to ensure that your event exceeds expectations.

Frank continues to herald the benefits of ethics, values and high road behavior for business and personal success. For over two decades, clients, meeting planners and speakers bureaus continue to turn to Frank Bucaro when they need just the right mix of information, inspiration, motivation and humor focused on these key issues impacting businesses and educational organizations today.

Frank Bucaro’s Speaking Topics:

If Good Ethics is Good Business, What’s the Problem? It seems that media reports of companies being fined, or accusations of unethical or illegal behavior, are just about a daily feature in news reports. We may even find ourselves asking “how” and “why” this could still be happening with so many organizations focusing on “doing the right thing” and touting a strong ethical culture. Most folks would agree that solid ethical business practices are desirable, good and necessary for business.

This program will explore the five challenges that threaten the reputation of an organization, and will present solutions to keep the focus on solid values and staying on the ethical high road.

The “problem” and solutions will focus on: 1. Compliance is not ethics and ethics is not compliance. 2. The lack of Moral Awareness. 3. “Shades of Gray” ethical thinking. 4. The Death of Bland Training. 5. The Leadership Quagmire.

Be the Organization That People Want To Work For, Partner With, Invest In and Buy From!

What does it mean to be good company for investors, associates, customers and employees? Like a valuable friendship, it is the organization that people want to associate with, the organization that is successful and strong to the core. Many businesses today are vulnerable to illegal and unethical activities at every organizational level. This humorous and sometimes irreverent presentation will focus on five key areas that illustrate that doing the right thing, at the right time, for the right reason is not only wise, it is profitable!

Five key areas that Frank covers: 1. Reputation— the importance of building and keeping a great reputation. 2. Trust and Loyalty – the basis for rewarding relationships, but easy to take for granted, and much tougher to regain. 3. Having a Moral Compass – In which direction are you headed? – Based on what? – Is that where you want to go? 4. Accountable Leadership – Not just responsible leadership— but accountable to those you serve. – It’s not about a certain skill set, but more of who you are. 5. Stewardship – What we do after we say we believe in the mission statement, the code of conduct, the values statement.

How to Succeed Ethically When Others Bend the Rules Problems and consequences attributed to poor ethical decisions can arise when ethical behavior is not defined, understood, or demonstrated. Consistent focus on ethics helps to foster an environment where: • Ethical behavior is valued. • Ethical behavior is considered the norm. • Ethical decisions help to contribute to long-term success.

This program features easy-to-understand definitions of ethics, guidelines for tackling difficult decisions, practical examples, and a generous amount of humor; the result is an upbeat look at a key factor in long-term success. This program is a general ethics presentation for employees organization-wide.

Trust Me! Insights into Ethical Leadership Headlines relating to questionable practices at a number of high profile organizations over the past several years have increased pressure on businesses to reclaim trust. Leaders are increasingly challenged to find ways to deepen trust, foster collaboration, and build customer loyalty.

This program focuses on the unique and powerful role ethical leadership plays in successful organizations today. This program covers: • Types of ethics and which type serves your organization best. • Eight great leadership habits that enhance an ethical culture. • Four considerations to keep in mind when faced with a difficult decision. • How to recognize the “ethics gap” and what to do about it. • Five leadership virtues that will positively affect your business culture.

An upbeat, humorous and entertaining program that offers a learning experience with practical ideas and techniques to help support and energize leaders!

Frank Bucaro is your best choice for a keynote speaker, trainer, author, business owner,  and recognized ethics expert. Some of Frank’s articles have been published in: Compliance and Ethics Professional Magazine, Corporate Compliance Insights Magazine, Latin Biz Magazine, Automation World Magazine, Project Post Gazette Newpapers, and Ethisphere Magazine

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