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GARY HARMON Educator and Founder and CEO of Diversability

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Gary Harmon has been a teacher in the Knox County School System for 30 years. He has taught English, French, Creative Writing, Science Fiction, and U.S. History. Gary’s experiences teaching in a suburban school, an inner-city school, a school with a suburban and rural population, and in a juvenile detention setting have taught him the importance of knowing his audience and catering his message to meet their needs.

Gary is a natural story-teller. He loves story-telling so much, he wrote a children’s book called My Daddy Takes His Legs Off. Gary Harmon’s stories appeal to even his most difficult to reach students, so that he can motivate them to learn, often without them realizing that’s what they are doing.Gary-Harmon

Gary Harmon was born with a physical difference caused by something known as Amniotic Band Syndrome.  During the mother’s pregnancy, the inner layer of the amniotic sac shredded and the developing fetus grew into those shreds and the bands wrapped around him and inhibited his growth. Gary has no right hand, a palm a thumb and pinky on the left, no feet, and various other differences. His differences melt away quickly as he begins to speak. Audiences are surprised by the honesty and candor with which he tells his stories, and after a very brief period of time, they begin to understand that Gary isn’t just explaining people with disabilities, he is showing audiences the human experience in microcosm.

Gary Harmon does a couple keynote speeches called, “The Greatest Disability,” and another called, “I’m a Man, First.” Gary also does workshops where he teaches audiences how to interact with people who are different in some way, how to treat workers different that you in the work place and can advise on interviewing, hiring, and working with people with disabilities.

Gary is aware that each company has unique needs and interests. He is willing to come to your company, observe, discuss with employers and employees any concerns they have and cater his workshops and remarks to their specific needs.


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