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Dr. GENE STANALAND –  “Will Rogers of Economics”, Current Economic Issues Analysis

Financial Speaker Gene Stanaland

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Dr. Gene Stanaland has been called the “Will Rogers of Economics” because he has the ability to analyze current economic trends and explain their impact to his audiences in an understandable and entertaining way. Through his wit and style he makes the “dreary science” exciting, leaving audiences laughing and informed.

Dr. Stanaland has served in a variety of distinguished corporate, academic and government positions. For twenty years, he was a member of the Economics Department at Auburn University in Alabama, and he was the head of the department for the last eight of those years. After serving as the Chairman of the Board, for Computer Maintenance Professionals, he resigned to become the head of GSE, Inc., a nationally recognized economics and management-consulting firm. In addition, he has far-reaching business interests and serves on the board of directors of several institutions, including Computer Maintenance Professionals and Farmers National Bank.

In demand as a public speaker, Dr. Stanaland has a list of clients that reads like a Who’s Who in business. Some of his clients include Teledyne, General Electric, Burlington Industries, Georgia Pacific, DuPont, Kraft and Dow Chemical. His expertise also puts him in demand at such educational institutions as the Foreign Service Institute, the University of Dallas and Mercer University’s executive Forum.

Dr. Stanaland’s lecture, “The Current Economy – How We Got Here, Where We Are Going,” is an analysis of the current economic condition. The content will emphasize events occurring at the time the presentation is made. Currently, the following issues are discussed: Economic policies or events that have led to the outstanding economic news we are now enjoying; An analysis of the economic impact of political activity coming out of Washington, D.C.; Economic and political significance of the Line Item Veto law; Federal Reserve actions past and present in light of the Greenspan Board approach to Monetary Policy; and A forecast for the remainder of the current year and for the next.

Dr. Stanaland travels from Alabama.

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