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Most business people involved in sales are NOT FOOLISH! Yet, most continue to sell their wares, whether they be big ticket automobiles or inexpensive services, high technology electronics or the basic staples of life, based upon price. They do so because the fundamentals of selling remain the same regardless of what you are selling or whether you are selling B-to-B or B-to-C, namely — It is easiest to sell based upon low price. Or is it?

Commoditization and fungibility destroy brand! Price selling creates commodities and likewise destroys brand. When brand is destroyed all that is left as a selling differentiation is price and price has only one place to go, DOWN! Don’t make a strategic mistake. Over the long term it is far easier, more profitable and vastly more satisfying to sell VALUE than PRICE.

Innovation: The Final Frontier

Is your organization achieving its full potential or is the competition gaining? What happens when good isn’t good enough?

It’s time to try something new. The answer? Innovation. In a fast-shifting economy, business leaders are recognizing the need to tap the resource of innovation to drive growth and profitability. John Di Frances has a proven track record of making innovative breakthroughs a reality. “The challenge,” he insists, “is for executives to determine which moves to make now.” Ideation and innovation can produce powerful strategies for sustainable success.

“Innovation does not occur by chance, but is the ongoing result of a culture of focused creativity, continuous learning and mutual collaboration.” Outlining how the innovative process successfully occurs within organizations, John Di Frances will demonstrate how it can be effectively utilized to achieve dynamic breakthroughs.

John’s innovation keynotes focus on the practical ‘How’ of innovation, including answering the following questions:

    • What is Innovation? Open Innovation?
    • What does Innovation look like in the real world?
    • How does sustainable Ideation and Innovation occur?
    • What are the building blocks of Innovation?
    • What are the ‘killers’ of Innovation?
    • What part does organizational culture play in Innovation?
    • Where to start in creating a culture of Innovation?
    • How to handle the ‘risk factor ‘ that Innovation introduces?
    • How to insure Ideation and Innovation sustainablilty?

If you want to generate excitement for creating an organization that embraces ideation and innovation while providing your people with the knowledge they need to do so successfully, then John Di Frances is the innovation speaker you need for your next meeting.

Strategies for Gaining Market Share

Drawing on principles and examples taken from years of international business experience, John demonstrates how to leave the competitive fray behind and develop a cohesive strategy for sustainable market leadership.

Take lessons from organizations that have dared to set themselves apart from the competition to become the forerunners of their industries. John Di Frances examines an impressive collection of market leaders and their triumphs to illustrate key principles in market leadership.

With professional insight, John reviews the shared strategies underlying the success of these market leaders and provides resources for beating the odds and gaining market share amidst global competition.

As each of John’s keynotes is prepared for a specific engagement, he chooses examples of market leaders specifically for the group to which he is speaking, thereby maximizing the transferable lessons which can be applied by his audience. Learn from the best globally and gain a wealth of valuable market insights.

WANTED: Sales Professionals

Do your sales personnel focus on selling value or price? When salespeople say they sell the value of their products and services, the harsh reality is that they more often see PRICE as the primary deal maker or breaker. As in most pursuits, our perception becomes our reality. A defensive focus on price can become their worst enemy, essentially drawing the customer’s attention away from the benefits and on to the $$$ being spent. Successful relationship selling must, without exception, highlight value.

John Di Frances targets fundamentals of relationship selling which begin even before first contact with the customer is made. The concept of value should permeate every aspect of the selling relationship yielding not only larger dollar and higher volume sales, but also satisfied customers who experience no “post-sale remorse.”

Delivering Awesome Customer Service

What a breath of fresh air we encounter when we experience spectacular customer service. It typically leaves a long lasting impression and results in strong consumer loyalty. Then why is truly excellent customer service the rare exception and not the norm? And why do organizations continue to invest heavily in customer service training, without experiencing significant customer service improvement?

John Di Frances takes a look at what’s wrong with customer service today and offers insights on how to ‘WOW’ your customers and clients on a regular basis. If an outstanding customer satisfaction level is important to your organization, then your personnel would profit from ‘Spectacular Customer Service.’

Negotiating for Exceptional Outcomes

Negotiation is an art, not a science. The negotiator must understand how to effectively utilize the basic elements of negotiation: relationship, risk and value, to rapidly make astute decisions for beneficial outcomes.

Strategy is the critical element that will make or break any high stakes negotiation. In critical negotiations there are no prizes for second place.

Every detail of your strategy must be carefully prepared and precisely carried out. There is no room for error. To put it simply, a successful outcome requires a well planned strategy. One that allows the flexibility to respond to the unknown ‘surprises’ that the other party will spring on you.

In negotiating, achieving a “win-win” scenario not only allows everyone to feel good at the end of the negotiation, it also paves the way for amiable future transactions between the parties. At the same time, no one wants to feel that they have “left money of the table” at the end of the negotiation. However, negotiate too hard and the deal is lost — be too timid and you will leave money on the table, which in today’s economy is almost as bad as losing. The art of negotiating well is striking that perfect balance where all of the parties are happy with “their deal.”

John states: “In a successful negotiation, everyone wins. The objective should be agreement and preservation of relationships, not victory.”

John Di Frances is a recognized authority and keynote speaker on the topic of negotiation, and his articles on strategic negotiation have been widely published. Moreover, he has first-hand experience in personally negotiating large commercial and defense contracts, civil claims and lawsuits as well as commercial construction and union bargaining contracts.

He shares proven negotiation strategies, and outlines how to structure and implement a negotiation strategy for the optimal Win-Win outcome. Additionally, John demonstrates a simple and entertaining way for your audience to instantly recall what they have learned, even in the ‘heat of negotiations’, so that they will always enjoy a first-place finish. John Di Frances has been involved with executive-level strategic negotiations on a global scale for close to thirty years. He understands that successful negotiation is not a science — it’s an art. The negotiator must understand how to effectively utilize the basic elements of negotiation: relationship, risk and value, to create astute decisions and beneficial results.

Leadership Imperatives: The Power of Influence and a Shared Vision

The most successful leadership paradigm has always been one of leading through influence, not by edict. Keynote leadership speaker John Di Frances examines the qualities that make leaders influential and effective. He outlines the process for putting these principles to work and uses examples of outstanding leaders to demonstrate how to create a proactive and supportive leadership culture that will enable your organization to develop new as well as existing leaders.

John is a veteran in the area of leadership development and has participated in the coaching, mentoring, and leadership programs of various international organizations including the Federal Bureau of Investigation, teaching at the FBI Academy. He understands the pitfalls that can easily hinder even the best leadership development programs and shows how to navigate them successfully. As a keynote leadership speaker, John addresses the impact of leadership excellence and discusses methods by which new leaders can be developed and existing leaders skills strengthened.

As each keynote John delivers is created specifically for the unique needs and concerns of that audience, he can include various approaches and aspects in his leadership speeches. Some of these are:

    • The Good, The Bad and The Ugly – Lessons of Leadership Past and Present
    • Effective Teamwork In a Global Environment
    • Developing a Coaching/Mentoring Philosophy
    • Building a Legacy Organization
    • Life Balance for Meaningful Success

Develop the leadership potential within your organization through John’s powerful and inspiring leadership keynotes.

Ethics & GovernanceJohn-DiFrances-1

The word integrity is a combination of the Latin words, integritas and integer, it refers to the putting on of armor, of building a completeness, a wholeness in character. Integrity, today, stands for honesty as well as an ideal, a goal for which to strive.

In the time of the twelve Caesars, the Roman army would conduct regular morning inspections. As the Centurion passed before each legionnaire, the soldier would strike the armor breastplate which covered his heart where the armor was the strongest. As he struck his armor, he would shout, “Integritas,” which means material wholeness. The inspecting Centurion would listen closely for the ring that sounded to be sure the soldier was adequately protected. The elite Praetorians or imperial bodyguard had a different cry, “Hail Caesar!” which signified loyalty to their leader, but not to a code of ideals. A century passed; in order to distinguish themselves from the corrupted Praetorians, loyal legionnaires their shouted reply, “Integer!” which meant perfect and undiminished. The armor of integrity continued to serve them well, but by 383 A.D. with the breakdown of Roman society, discipline grew lax, the drills abandoned and breastplates and helmets removed as unnecessary encumbrances. Within a few short years, the legions were unable to hold the frontiers and rotted from within. It marked the end of an era, the greatness of the Roman Empire.

We cannot ignore the lessons of history. When a civilization’s moral code is disregarded and discipline abandoned, disaster inevitably follows. We stand at the brink of a full-scale corporate leadership crisis, unable to regain credibility or the public’s confidence. Scandal after scandal have dealt corporate America a devastating blow. How do we recover lost confidence and rebuild financial stability? Legislation alone will not solve the ethics deficit. Nothing short of a renewed vigilance in support of ethical standards will protect the future of free enterprise.

John Di Frances has lectured and written extensively on the topic of corporate ethics, his book Reclaiming the Ethical High Ground: Developing Organizations of Character examines the impact of character on the decisions we make and the resulting domino effect.

John provides business leaders with the tools they need to create an ethical standard within their organizations. He demonstrates the importance of a top-down commitment to excellent ethical character. Using three important keys, John outlines how organizations can successfully adopt and support effective ethical standards, thus developing an organization of character.

John is a veteran in the area of leadership development and has aided the coaching, mentoring, and leadership programs of various international organizations including the FBI Academy. He understands the pitfalls that can easily hinder even the best programs and shows how to navigate around them. As a keynote leadership speaker, John will demonstrate to your audiences the importance of ethical leadership and the methods by which ethical leadership can be developed.

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