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KELSEY TYSON- Business Motivational Speaker Crush the Competition, Six Laws to Market Dominance, Go For The Kill

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While other business speakers continue to revisit and review business concepts from the past; re-engineering, team building, and performance management, Kelsey Tyson’s message thrusts his clients into the future – dominate, or buy, or partner, or be bought, or “crush” the competition. He opens the options and provides insights to each.

Dominate, do not compete, a tough message, and one that the majority of Fortune 250 companies want their executives and employees to hear. The new millennium goes to those organizations with the best leaders, prudent thinking and employees without traditional limits. Why acquisitions? Why mergers? Why buy proven executives and employees? To go for the kill, Viacom buys CBS to go for the kill. ABC goes with Disney to avoid being the prey.

Microsoft buys everyone to go for the kill. Regional airlines sell out or align with major airlines to avoid being the prey. One executive or manager, hearing the hoof beats, leaves a company to avoid being the prey. Another, who is on a roll, leaves to go for the kill – elsewhere. Go for the kill, or avoid being the prey. Dominate, do not compete, Kelsey Tyson is the messenger. New thinking. New boundaries. New instinct. New reality.

Kelsey Tyson’s presentation will create a mind shift from compete to dominate. He will instill a new level of commitment and performance to both the organization and the individual. His six “Laws” to market dominance can be utilized at all levels of all organizations, large or small, by all people regardless of position or influence. From the Law of the Group to the Law of Adaptation these, with the other four “Laws” will provide the insights, skills, and implementation techniques that guarantee to increase business dominance and to expand individual capacity. So call us today at 888-655-4575 to book Kelsey Tyson for your event!

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