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PAUL MELLOR Memory Skills Trainer and Coach

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Hire Memory Skills Trainer and Speaker PAUL MELLOR

Paul Mellor’s memory skills seminars are highly interactive, very entertaining, and fast moving, proving that everyone can be more productive and efficient with a better memory. At the end of the session, participants will take with them the ability for remembering names and faces; the confidence for getting through a day without the fear of forgetting; and the knowledge and application for retaining information.

Over 50 – Over 90 – Under 15

A finalist in the USA Memory Championship in New York City, 50+ aged Mellor remembered the names of over 90 people in less than 15 minutes, recalled the exact order of over 100 single-digit numbers after reviewing them for less than five minutes, and recalled the exact order of a shuffled deck of playing cards after less than a three-and-a-half minute review.

Don’t let the gray hair fool you, Mellor’s memory is sharper than ever. He’s learned quite a few memory techniques which he enthusiastically shares with audiences throughout the United States and Canada.

His popular seminars have been presented to sheriffs and salespeople; politicians and postal workers; lawyers and lay people. From Austin to Anchorage, Miami to Minneapolis, Hartford to Honolulu, and many, many points in between, audiences have laughed and learned from Paul Mellor’s memorable seminars.

From coast to coast, one question remains after Paul Mellor’s passionate program on the powers to a better brain: “Why don’t they teach this stuff in school?”

One hour KEYNOTE … Ninety-minute BREAKOUT … Full day SEMINAR: Paul Mellor’s energetic memory program will change your way of thinking – for the better!

Let’s face it, if there were a magic pill that would instantly improve your memory, would you take it? Millions would. Fortunately, you don’t need to after Paul Mellor’s program.

In Paul Mellor’s highly engaging interactive session, you’ll learn from a memory master how fun and easy it is to remember names and faces, speak without notes, beat absent-mindedness, and gain control of your day without the fear of forgetting. The answers are already in your head.

Make your next meeting, conference, retreat, convention … MEMORABLE with Paul Mellor. Your attendees will thank you for it.

Paul Mellor Memory Training Topics

What can you expect from a Paul Mellor seminar? A passionate speaker who authenticates that memory can be improved.

Long before the existence of notepads and smartphones, people had to rely on their memory to get things done. Centuries later, memory is as important as ever.

Demonstrating by the use of bricks and chains, Paul Mellor simplifies how we remember and why we forget. With humor and compassion, you will see instant results for recalling names and faces, speaking without notes, and getting through the day without the fear of forgetting.

In Business:

  • The edge goes to the person who can think quickly on their feet without reaching for their notes.
  • Having the ability to remember names and faces shows that you care and puts you in high regard.
  • Rapidly recalling facts and figures promotes you as the ‘go-to’ person who gets results.

At Home:

  • Remembering shopping lists, recipes, and appointments helps you save time.

In Training Classes and School:

  • A better memory enables students to comprehend quickly, as well as scoring higher grades in subjects such as, History, Geography, Science, Language, and the Arts.

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