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ROBIN JAY Relationship Selling Trainer, Film Maker, Author

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Robin Jay is an award-winning author, filmmaker, and speaker. She is not just “The Queen of the Business Lunch™”, but is a Business Relationship Expert who shares the essential soft skills necessary for building long-lasting and profitable business relationships. She empowers salespeople and all business professionals with her high energy, content-rich presentations.

Robin’s award-winning book, “The Art of the Business Lunch ~ Building Relationships Between 12 and 2” (Career Press) is in 12 languages worldwide. She is also a contributor to “Chicken Soup for the Wine Lover’s Soul.” Robin has been featured internationally on MSNBC-TV, Newsweek Magazine, CNN, the BBC, the New York Times, The London Financial Times, and other well-recognized media outlets.

Robin Jay also wrote, produced, and costarred in the first funny self-help film – “The KEEPER of the KEYS” – a hybrid that creatively combined fictional characters interacting with self-help experts, including Jack Canfield, John Gray, and Marci Shimoff. “The Keeper of the Keys” won the Las Vegas International Film Festival award for Best Independent Film, and The INDIE Fest award for Best Documentary.

Whether speaking, writing, or producing films, Robin Jay believes the key to empowering people lies in keeping them engaged with humor, content, and memorable anecdotes. Robin Jay’s speaking presentations include:

The KEYS to Increasing Sales:

In this presentation, Robin shares techniques to help business professionals improve how they connect with others to immediately increase sales and achieve greater success. Robin jay transforms the way we interact with others and helps to build improved, more committed relationships that will result in more closed sales. Robin’s unique ability to inspire and motivate with humor and memorable anecdotes makes her one of today’s most popular speakers.

The Art of the Business Lunch: Breaking Bread to Increase Sales

People prefer to do business with people they like and, for most people, there is no better way to get to know someone than by breaking bread with them. This is one of the best ways to build the solid types of relationships that will lead to increased sales. But a lot can go wrong IF you are not prepared! Robin’s methods for building productive relationships by breaking bread have been featured internationally – from the BBC to MSNBC. Audiences eat up her tips and techniques for building better relationships, increasing sales, and enjoying greater career satisfaction.

Present Like a PRO: Instantly Achieve Verbal and Written Excellence

Anyone who has ever had to sit through a dull program knows what NOT to do! So, how does one go about creating a program that will have audiences come to their feet? What are the secrets for designing a compelling, engaging presentation? How can employees create compelling documents that will get read? What is the meaning of “Plain English”? Audiences will discover these tricks of the trade. Robin Jay can turn anyone into a crowd-pleasing presenter. Say “NO” to “Death by PowerPoint” and “YES” to standing ovations! This program can be presented as a keynote, half-day, or full-day program.

The History of Las Vegas: A Study in Risk and Reward

Thousands move to Las Vegas, Nevada every month…drawn to the glitter, growth, and the opportunity that is unique to this valley locale. Robin Jay has called Las Vegas home for more than 35 years and has experienced much of this city’s phenomenal growth first-hand. Discover the secrets of a city that perpetually continues to successfully reinvent itself. Robin will share anecdotes from her personal experience living and working in a city that has been controlled by organized crime, influenced by Howard Hughes and that is controlled today by major corporations. Go beyond the glitter of Las Vegas Boulevard and enjoy this journey to the heart of what makes Las Vegas the most unique and exciting city in the world!

Clients agree, Robin is just what every audience needs!

Karolyn said: “You are amazing! I have never learned so much and had so much fun at any MPI meeting, let alone a breakfast meeting! I congratulate you on your personal and professional achievements. You are inspirational to all who are fortunate to meet you.”

Eileen keeps bringing Robin back to help her team stay motivated: “I discovered Robin Jay in 2011 when I was looking for a speaker to train our HP sales reps and our partner resellers on the importance of building productive business relationships. I remembered seeing Robin’s book on “The Art of the Business Lunch” and thought her approach to sales would make for an engaging event. As I’d hoped, her program was content-rich and entertaining. Robin Jay not only shared why sales success is tied in directly to the relationships we are able to build, but she also delivered the “how-to’s” of doing this successfully.”

Larissa wrote: “We have been getting great reviews from your presentation. Your ability to interact on a very personal level with the large audience and deliver such a content-rich message was the perfect fit. Your humor, your self-awareness, and your ability to read your audience and modify the presentation as needed left us wanting more and more.”

Howard wrote: “Thank you for speaking at our annual manager’s meeting. The point you made about the importance of introducing a social aspect into your client relationships as a means of building stronger, more productive relationships is solid. I was so impressed that I am going to establish a mandate requiring my executives to conduct a specific number of business meals each week!”

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