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ROBERT MAYER EVANS – Change and Futurist Trends Speaker

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Robert Mayer Evans, has lived and worked in several dozen countries covering five continents. He graduated the University of North Carolina with a degree in business, has a certificate in Chinese (Mandarin dialect) from Yale School of Far Eastern Languages, and holds four law degrees from two continents: an LLB and later a JD (Juris Doctor) from the Yale Law School, and as a Rhodes Scholar nominee to Oxford University in England, he gained a BA and then a Masters in Jurisprudence from Oxford. He has never practiced a single hour of Law.
Special Assistant to Edward R. Murrow He ventured into broadcast journalism. The late Edward R. Murrow got him his first job at CBS News. When Murrow went to Washington to join the JFK New Frontier, the only person Murrow took with him from CBS News to Washington was Bob Evans.   Bob worked in New York, Chicago, and Washington for CBS News, and was sent to Atlanta to open the CBS News Bureau covering the then Civil Rights Revolution, America’s war story at that time.

CBS News Television-Radio Correspondent and Bureau Chief in Moscow
CBS News then sent him to Moscow as a foreign correspondent to be qualified, in their words, “…to sit and think aloud on air like Eric Sevareid.” As their TV and Radio Correspondent as well as Bureau Chief in Moscow, Evans covered all the USSR along the Soviet-China border across Siberia to the Pacific Coast. Evans was expelled from the USSR for his reporting. He had worked in other CBS News European bureaus out of London, Paris, and Rome, and returned to the U.S. for other CBS News assignments in New York, Washington, Los Angeles, and Atlanta.

Evans then left the network to form his own business, Televans Productions. He is a TV and Film producer and director, a writer and an author, Executive Producer and the Anchor for his own TV news series. That series was a first for television in the United States as TV News for the classroom. It became the most widely syndicated program for secondary education and college in the history of Educational Television. It ran on the air for four seasons, and won every award in TV for which it was nominated.

Evans is also a professional speaker and formed The Global Trends Institute. They track conditions and trends in various parts of the world to pursue Evans’ speaking ventures.

Deeply Informed Speaker who has reported on 11 Islamic countries and Israel
Bob Evans has spent much time in the Middle East. He has worked in 11 Moslem countries, the Arab states of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, and Iraq, as well as the non-Arab Moslem lands of Turkey, Iran, and Afghanistan, as well as in Israel. On one two month stay in Israel he produced three shows for his own nationally syndicated TV news classroom series. The Israeli Embassy in Washington described one show as “…the best TV presentation on Palestinians and the West Bank in their film archive.” He had interviewed Yassir Arafat in besieged Beirut before the PLO expulsion.

Jeep Expedition and Rescue Mission across Afghanistan and the Hindu Kush (Hindu Killer) Mountains

He also has an unusual knowledge of Afghanistan. He had taken a jeep expedition across the Middle East and through Afghanistan. In the western market center of Herat, they met a search party from the American Embassy looking for an American Ambassador’s son and his blonde Swedish fiancee hitch-hiking across Asia. With Evans’ plan to cross the central mountains, the Embassy search team detached a guide to accompany the Evans expedition through those Hindu Kush (“Hindu Killer”) mountains. The guide, Jonbaz, spoke Urdu, Pushtu, and also Farsi to communicate with tribal sheiks dwelling in the mountain heights. There were no roads, so without maps they tracked by compass. They followed camel tracks, caravan routes, dried river beds, and migrating herd paths. Air Ordinance survey maps measured the distance to the capital of Kabul as some 400 miles. The odometer on Evans’ jeep read 750-plus when they reached Kabul. They continued later down Kipling’s legendary Khyber Pass to the Northwest Frontier province capital of Peshawar in Pakistan and back.

Bob Evans is currently President and Founding Director of The Global Trends Institute in Atlanta giving speeches, keynotes, briefings, and executive summaries for corporation and association meetings, conventions, and executive retreats.

Travels from:  Atlanta, GA

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