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Corporate Culture Expert Speakers

Dr. Jackie Freiberg Corporate Culture Expert, Best Selling Author, Leadership
Jim Knight Corporate Culture Expert Speaker, Hotel and Restaurant Speaker and Trainer
Larry Johnson Author, Counselor, Business Leader, Corporate Culture Expert

Construction Contractor Expert Speakers

George Hedley Business Owner, Certified Speaker and Trainer

Social Media and Technology Speakers

Biz Stone Twitter Co-Founder, Business Creativity and Social Media Expert
Bob DeStefano Internet Marketing, Search Engine, Social Media, Email Expert
Douglas Rushkoff Author, Teacher, Documentary Producer, Media Literacy
Jeff Molander Entrepreneur, Author, Globally Syndicated Writer, eCommerce
Jimmy Wales Wikipedia Founder, Business Technology Expert Speaker
Kelly McDonald Marketing and Advertising Expert, Diversity, Customer Service
Mark Schaefer Blog and Twitter Expert, Author, Marketing, Communication
Nir Eyal Business Psychology Writer, Technology Advisor and Trainer
Starr Hall Author, Social Networking, Media Coverage Expert, Columnist
Joe Rotella Web Design Expert, Internet Marketing Technology Consultant

Identity Theft and Cyber Security Speaker

John Sileo Identity Theft and Business Fraud Prevention Expert Speaker

Education and Technology Experts, EdTech Speakers and Teachers

David Warlick Education Expert, Education Technology Trainer
Ron Clark Award Winning Teacher, Author, Motivational Speaker

Christian Speakers

Donna Roland Fashion and Image Consultant, Professional Organizer
Sammy Sawyer Comedian, Barney Fife Impersonator, Voice Over Artist
Shari Braendel  Fashion & Beauty, Author, Trainer, Fashion Meets Faith

Change Speakers and Trainers

Desi Williamson Executive, Trainer, Author “America’s Willpower Champion”
Kelly McDonald Marketing and Advertising Expert, Diversity, Customer Service
Laura Barron Consultant and Trainer, Change, Leadership, Team Building
Sondra Thiederman Author, Workplace Diversity Expert, Trainer

Business Etiquette Speakers

Colleen Rickenbacher Client Communications Expert, Presentation Skills
Jacqueline Whitmore Effective Networking, Social Success Skills, Author

Stress Management Expert Speakers and Trainers

Eric Benson Stress Management Expert, Team Building, Customer Satisfaction
Frank Miles Overcoming Fear to Achieve Goals, Humorous Speaker
Mark Mayfield Managing Stress Without Compromising Safety
Patti Fralix Overcoming Stress, Leading for Results

Succession Planning Speakers

Don Feldman Tax Reduction, CPA, CFP, Exit Planning

Diversity and Inclusion Speakers

Gary Harmon Diversity and Disability Inclusion Keynote Speaker and Trainer

Stephen Frost Diversity, Inclusion, and Communications Expert

Anti-Bullying and Gang Prevention Speaker

Art Powell Anti-bullying, Gang Violence Prevention and Intervention

Survivor Guest Speakers

Jackie Pflug Terrorism Survivor, Courage to Succeed and Positive Attitude
Linda Ellerbee Breast Cancer Survivor, Television Journalist
Vallie Collins Miracle on the Hudson Plane Crash Survivor, Improving and Appreciating Your Life

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