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BRAD GARDNER – Safety Tailored to Office, Home, Construction, Industrial, Agricultural

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Brad Gardner’s upbeat personality and enthusiasm for life gets people involved and motivated. His presentation is designed to relate to people on an individual level and make a difference with employees.

He wants every member of the audience to know that accidents don’t happen because someone made a big mistake… Accidents happen because someone made a small mistake that started a domino effect.

Brad Gardner gives a safety presentation that is versatile and can be tailored to your work environment whether it be office, home, agriculture, construction, scientific, or industrial.

The real life experience Brad Gardner talks about is the best example of what unsafe work habits can lead to, and shows the price that is paid. His presentation will put you in his shoes and really make you think about the risks that are taken every day whether at home, work, or elsewhere. His simple, from-the-heart message compliments and supports efforts to address the behavioral elements of safety perfectly. Brad’s presentation will surely save people from serious injury or death as it has done since his campaign started.

His use of dominoes shows how every person from top to bottom plays a role in workplace safety, and how easy it can be to prevent or stop an accident. After seeing professional safety speaker Brad Gardner you will be motivated to do everything you can to make your place a safer working environment.

Brad Gardner will give any current safety program a boost and he can help with any new program kick-off, because he makes you think of safety in a much higher state.

After seeing Brad’s presentation, many people carry a domino with them wherever they go. Ask Brad Gardner about those dominoes and understand why!

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