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FABIO VIVIANI  – Celebrity Chef

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Italian chef Fabio Viviani was born on October 10, 1978 in Florence. After the need to help out the family and get a job presented itself at the young age of 12 Fabio applied to work in a bakery where first he was told he was too young and then later invited to work nights so that no one would know.  In 1992 at age 14 Fabio began working at the very busy Il Pallaio, a casual Trattoria in Firenze, Italy with stellar, Italian comfort food and a 120 seat cover. An average night in the restaurant proved to be total mayhem as 700 to 800 guests came through each night. Fabio thrived in this high pressure environment and managed to become sous chef by age 16.

Between training in Italian and Mediterranean cuisine at IPSSAR Saffi, working with culinary luminaries such as Simone Mugnaini, Alessandro Panzani and Saverio Carmagini, and managing and owning several restaurants and nightclubs in Italy, Fabio found himself a young, well-respected business man in Italy. But he was ready for a change.

Fabio Viviani moved to Ventura County, California at age 27 and now works as the owner and executive chef of Cafe Firenze, a renowned Italian restaurant in Ventura Country and Osteria Firenze, a popular Los Angeles Italian eatery. Aside from working in his restaurants, Fabio has many projects that he is passionate about– when he’s not busy promoting healthy eating for children, he is also an endorser of Italian mineral water producer San Pellegrino, Bialetti Cookwear, Bertolli Olive Oil, and Santa Margarita Winery.

Fabio Viviani has published two successful cookbooks including the Cafe Firenze Cookbook and an e-book Did I Really Make Breakfast which made it onto multiple Amazon bestseller lists within weeks of release.

Fabio Viviani is perhaps best known in America for appearing on season 5 of Bravo’s reality series Top Chef and earning a place among the final four contestants. Before he was eliminated from the competition, he was named Fan Favorite. Fabio Viviani returned to Bravo in 2010 to compete in their Top Chef All Stars Edition.

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