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MICHAEL MELNIK Health and Safety Trainer

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Michael Melnik is an Occupational Therapist with a Master’s degree in Exercise Physiology.

Looking for high energy, passion, humor, entertainment and a powerful message for your next event? Michael’s keynotes offer all of this and more in presentations that engage, inspire and enlighten. For more than thirty years, Michael has presented hundreds of keynotes to groups ranging in size from 50 to 3,000 at association conferences, corporate events and public seminars.

All of Michael’s presentations can be customized to meet the specific needs of your audience and event theme. Whether it be an opening keynote to set the tone, a powerful closing to send people off with a burst of energy, or a mid-day luncheon to “spice up the day”, Michael will deliver his message in a way that is sure to get your audience to listen, laugh and learn.

For more than twenty years, Michael Melnik has delivered his unique, high-energy message to more than 750,000 Hiring Booking Safety Speakersparticipants throughout the United States, Canada and Australia. He also produced and starred in award-winning videos utilized by numerous Fortune 1000 companies.

When an organization is looking to effectively implement change or simply wants to “energize” the work environment, Michael’s presentations hit the mark.

With his simple, practical and time-tested tools, Michael’s message promotes positive changes long after your event is over.

Each of Michael’s presentations can be customized to meet the unique needs of your organization and event. We also provide a variety of take-away materials ranging from handouts to award-winning DVDs.

Michael’s breakout sessions are a wonderful addition to any event. Over the years, Michael has delivered his fun, high energy and motivational message to a quarter of a million participants at some of the largest events in the country. Michael has been invited back for twelve consecutive years to present at both the American Society of Safety Engineers and the National Ergonomics conference.

Whether it is a session on effective employee training, implementing an effective injury prevention program, or injecting energy into your event with the highly interactive and humorous “Lighter Side of Sitting, Standing, Lifting and Stretching”, Michael’s presentations are sure to leave your audience buzzing.

The Energized Approach for Achieving a Safe, Healthy and Productive Workplace

Those in a position of responsibility for safety are often faced with the monumental task of “implementing change”, “getting people on board” and “energizing the workplace.” All of these can be daunting, time consuming and energy draining activities unless they are done in a way that actually generates energy from everyone involved. The Energized Approach by Michael Melnik was created to “generate and capture” the energy needed for the success of any program or initiative. Imagine the energy that can be generated in a work environment where employees purposefully try to get caught “doing something safely” rather than hiding an unsafe behavior.

Imagine the energy created when an employee has a positive response when invited to a safety meeting rather than responding with “Is it mandatory?” And imagine the energy that becomes available when an employee thanks a manager or supervisor for demonstrating a genuine concern about his or her safety. In this session Michael introduces the 10 essential energy sources and demonstrates how energy can be harnessed through the use of The Energized Approach.

From Knowing to Doing: Getting the Most Out of Your Safety Training Efforts.

For years, the delivery of information has been the method of choice for inviting safe employee behaviors. Unfortunately it has become clear that there is a huge difference between what employees know and what they do with what they know. While information certainly has value, its impact is influenced not only by the quantity of content delivered, but also by HOW the content is developed, delivered, supported and received!

In this session Michael introduces REP; The Rational, Emotional and Physical approach to effective training. This fun, high energy session takes a humorous look at training and offers insights and strategies for training that not only influence what participants know, but also what they do with what they know.

The Lighter Side of Sitting, Standing, Lifting and Stretching:

For years, organizations have tried desperately to teach employees the “right” way to lift, the “proper” sitting posture and how to stretch to reduce the risk of injury. Despite these herculean efforts the number of strains and sprains remains relatively unchanged. It’s time for a change. Is it possible that there isn’t a “right” way to lift and that maybe the way in which we are trying to influence employee behaviors in the workplace needs a major face-lift?

This high energy, fun and interactive session examines the myths and misconceptions surrounding “proper” body mechanics and offers practical and effective strategies to reduce claims and increase productivity.

If Change Were Easy, We’d All Be Perfect!

It is a fact of life that change is not only essential…it is unavoidable. Organizations continuously introduce new programs, policies and initiatives with high hopes of success. All too often these expectations turn to frustration when resistance kicks in. People do not typically resist change because the change itself is bad; they resist it because of how an organization develops, implements and supports (or doesn’t support) the change. In this session Michael introduces the 10 Essential Energy Sources of “The Energized Approach” and “REP; The Rational, Emotional and Physical Approach to Effective Change”. This time-tested strategy helps organizations focus attention on HOW change is introduced and supported. The result of this approach is increased participation, reduced resistance and an environment with participants at all levels who are motivated, receptive and open to change.

The Aging Worker:

Reducing the risks for an aging workforce has become a topic of great interest. The work demands are the same as when the workers were young, but their bodies have undergone changes in their levels of strength, flexibility and endurance. There is hope….and there are things that can be done to minimize the impact of these changes. Effective training in safe work practices (and reinforcement of these practices), stretching and warm-up programs, wellness initiatives and ergonomics play an important role in reducing the demands on this growing population. This session also addresses the difficulties associated with changing long-standing habits and the importance of recognizing the increased value of the experience this population brings to the workplace.

Michael Melnik speaks and trains regularly at many national conferences and is one of the highest rated speakers. Clients include General Mills, The Home Depot, Alcoa, Wells Fargo, 3M, Northwest Airlines, United Airlines, Wal-Mart, UPS, Coca-Cola, Exxon Mobil, and many more. Learn how to increase the health, safety, and energy of your company or organization. Call us today to book Michael Melnik as an educational safety speaker and trainer!

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