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Hey, Y’All! I’m Paula Deen, and I just wanted to take a few minutes to tell y’all a bit about my life growing up in South Georgia, about learning to cook with my family, and a bit about where all my adventures in cooking have taken me. So if you’ve gotta minute or so, grab some sweet tea and let me share it with you, maybe give you some inspiration, and have fun doing it!

You know, in any good Southern home, the kitchen is where all the action takes place and everything centers on cooking and around the stove. It seemed so especially in my family. My Grandfather Paul drove a dry-cleaning truck. He wasn’t much of a cook, but he knew that my Grandmother Paul was a gem in the kitchen. She was a fantastic cook. So, in the early forties, he bought her a hotdog stand in Hapeville, Georgia, and she went to work in the kitchen with my mother waiting on tables. After a while, her cookin’ did so well, that they moved up to country steak and creamed potatoes. I can remember they served steak because one day a customer tried to get fresh with my mother, and she slapped him with a piece of steak!

I spent days in Grandmother Paul’s kitchen. She taught me the techniques of Southern cooking, and I learned the intention of Southern food. Grandma and I spent many years in the kitchen together. I didn’t realize it then, I was getting an education, just not in school! She taught, I watched, and we laughed together. You see, Southern cooking is a hand-me-down art. It comes from within and it’s how we show our love, by what we cook and create in the kitchen. It’s how we welcome somebody to the neighborhood or to church. It’s how we show our support to friends and loved ones through rough times or after a funeral. Southern food is comfort food. It’s full of flavor. It’s filling. It just makes you feel good.

If your Southern food is authentic, it’s not pretentious! It doesn’t require a sophisticated palette. The ingredients are distinctly Southern, and it’s all home grown. The dishes don’t require split second timing, and they don’t fall! And your kids don’t have to acquire a taste for it, cause we just heap up good food on a plate and start eating! The staples of classic Southern food are butter, sugar, salt, pepper, hot sauce, vinegar, ham hocks, and to put it bluntly…fat! When’s the last time you heard someone saying they’re going up North to get some of that good Yankee food?

Travels from:  Georgia

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