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DALE IRVIN – Humorous Speaker and Emcee

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Dale Irvin is the World’s only Professional Summarizer. He attends your meeting, paying attention to every word spoken by every speaker and noticing every detail of the event. Then, throughout the day, he will “summarize” the event with a comedy monologue written on the spot.

One of his clients best described his performance when she said; “What Billy Crystal brings to the Academy Awards, you brought to our meeting.”

Dale Irvin’s monologues keep the audience fully engaged, wide awake, and paying more attention so that they will get the jokes they are about to hear. It also gives them another connecting point and becomes a great topic of conversation during the breaks.

Laughter can help you and your audience, be healthier, live longer, have better relationships, and make more money – and Dale Irvin will show your audience how in his hysterical keynote presentation. It is based on his book Laughter Doesn’t Hurt and is filled with autobiographical anecdotes and hilarious observations. This is  great kick-off  for any event or as an after dinner program. Dale Irvin is the author and creator of several very funny books, CDs, and DVDs.

Dale Irvin has performed hundreds of times for dozens of insurance, financial, healthcare, manufacturing, and IT companies and organizations.

As an extremely talented humorist and funny speaker, it’s no wonder so many groups bring Dale Irvin back year after year to emcee and summarize their events.

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