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JAN McINNIS – Humorous Speaker, Emcee – “The Work Lady”

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For comedienne Jan McInnis, life is full of “funny business.” She – and the audiences who continually rate her act “hilarious” – wouldn’t have it any other way.

Inspired by fifteen years of working 9 to 5, Jan has created a unique niche for what she calls “cubicle comedy”, cornering the corporate convention market with her popular appearances at conferences, training sessions, employee retreats and banquets held by such companies and organizations as Lockheed Martin, Kaiser Permanente, the Atlanta Federal Reserve, MIX Radio, Women in Film & Video, MCI, Greater Washington Society of Association Executives, and The Mushroom Institute.

A knack for humorous analysis enables Jan to write a standup routine geared to each specific audience, such as when she suggested to Home Depot employees that computers are the only thing that duct tape can’t fix, and confided to the Virginia Forest Products Association, “I read that there is wood in some products like cereal. Finally we know the ingredients of Grape Nuts.”

“The last company I worked for was big on ‘employee motivation.’  Team building means employee empowerment, and ownership.  So I took the copier.”

Jan’s corporate clients provide answers to a three-page questionnaire on their company, detailing the ins and outs of what they do and how they do it. Jan checks out their website, takes a tour of a plant or office complex, sits in on conferences, sessions, speeches, talks to personnel, and even bones up on jargon specific to their field. All that’s left is to perform a tailor-made routine that has her audiences rolling in the aisles.

Unlike some other popular comics, Jan doesn’t rely on risque humor. “People get the wrong impression about ‘clean comedy’,” she explains. “They think clean means overly zealous and religious, and it’s not. A lot of people call themselves ‘edgy’ when what they are is ‘dirty.’ You don’t need to spell it out to be funny.


Cubicle Comedy! Clean and customized comedy that focuses on work, family and day-to-day “stuff.” Jan was featured in the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post for her clean comedy.

Finding the Funny in Change!  Change is the new buzz word for business. Whether it’s “going green” or the myriad of new rules that govern our business, we are constantly reacting to a new playing field. In this keynote, Jan combines her hilarious comedy with PRACTICAL tips on dealing with change using humor. Before you can lead, or participate, in the change around you, you need to know how to personally get your head around it. Jan can show you how! This is one of her most popular keynote presentations.

Finding the Funny in Communications!  The word is getting out – the business benefits of using humor are enormous. . . humor makes your message stick, gets people engaged in what you have to say, helps sell your product, service, or idea, and diffuses tense situations. In this popular program, Jan helps people develop and use humor in their professional and personal life. She has presented this program to CEOs, health care groups, and government agencies. Jan knows humor – she has written comedy material for hundreds of radio stations, the Tonight Show monologue, and even for guests on the “Jerry Springer Show” . . . shhhh, don’t tell!

Hilarious Hosting with Emcee Jan!  Whether your event is a half-day or the whole week, keep your attendees INTERESTED  by having Jan serve as master of ceremonies. She’s a veteran emcee and she’s done it for all types of events. Give yourself a rest and let Jan run the show!

Travels from:  California

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