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TIM GABRIELSON Humorous Keynote Speaker, Funny Magaician

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Hire and Book humorous keynote speaker and entertainer Tim Gabrielson

The 7 most commonly asked questions from clients looking to hire Humorous Keynote Speakers and Entertainers are: who, what, why, where, when, how, and how much!

Who: Tim Gabrielson has been performing and speaking for over 28 years. He originally became known and wanted nation-wide for his riveting show combining clean humor and highly-skilled magic. It didn’t take long for Tim to gain the attention of agents and producers alike which landed him fill-in spots for Vegas headliners like Ron Lucas and Mac King, before acquiring his own room at The House of Blues in Mandalay Bay on the Vegas Strip. While performing thousands of shows during those 18 years, and becoming an “overnight” success, Tim realized that his humor was touching lives by allowing people to see beyond their immediate hardships. So, for the past 10+ years, he has been infusing his highly-entertaining show with a simple and profound take-away message about creating positive change.

What: Tim Gabrielson blends comedy, magic, and inspirational principles into his shows to give his audience more joy and purpose. Tim has entertained hundreds of thousands and has come to this realization: It’s less about the 45 – 90 minute-long presentations and more about the lifelong influence. While entertaining everyone, Tim shares tools-of-the-trade and has masterfully crafted his message for real-life improvements.

Why: You are the only one who controls how you think, feel, and act. When this “common sense” becomes “common practice,” you gain perspective. Perspective enables you and your organization to solve problems easier, find solutions quicker, create a more efficient team, and to have fewer turnovers… all by implementing positive change.


  • Opening keynotes to kick off your events, seminars, and conventions
  • Mid-day or mid-convention when you need a perfect boost for your attendees
  • Closing keynote to leave your audience on a high note
  • Educational, in-service, and training events
  • Anyplace where your attendees could use some laughter, amazement and “Positive Change”

When: Contact A to Z now to check Tim’s available dates!

How:  Tim Gabrielson will inspire you with his words, entertain you with his breathtaking comedy and magic, and show you how to create positive change that will increase enthusiasm and productivity. Your group will walk away invigorated and equipped to infuse a “positive change” culture into their business and personal lives!

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