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ONA BROWN World Impact Now, Consultant, Trainer, Empowerment Speaker

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Ona Brown delivers delicious recipes for success, which surpass the appetites of engaged and inspired clients. She specializes in identifying the missing ingredients that are required in order to manifest a yummy life!

Ona Brown is equipped with more than 15 years of dedicated work, research and exceptional results in the human development industry. Her consulting, coaching, and training firm, World Impact Now (W.I.N.), continues to blaze transformational, empowerment, and leadership trails around the world… in a very organic, practical and phenomenal way.

“Life is filled with accelerated change, pressing challenges and a boatload of choices. Working with an array of ‘tickled-pink clients’ from the white, blue and no collar sectors… a core commonality found among us all is our desire to achieve amazing results that speak for themselves.”

So the question becomes how can we gain an all access pass to the yellow brick road that leads to ‘Successville’… preferably with permanent residency, as opposed to a visitor’s permit?

Ona Brown’s no-nonsense approach to delivering clear solutions for successful living allows people to escape from the ongoing demands that haunt them daily and focus in on what is required in order to attain that next level of great achievement and quality living.

As the daughter of professional speaker Les Brown, who was named one of the top 5 speakers in the world by Toastmasters International, Ona is carrying the torch of a motivational legacy that was initially ignited by her father more than a century ago. He started with nothing more than his mouth and a dream, anchored by his unstoppable willpower – and the rest is history.

Thought provoking content, effective balancing tactics for the rapid culture in which we live, life-altering and enriching stories, and stress releasing humor are just a few of the many take a ways from an Ona Brown experience. Get fired up, get energized, get re-focused, get renewed… book ONA BROWN, and begin to create your tomorrow, TODAY!

In addition to customizing presentations to meet the specific needs of her national and international clients, the following are just a few of…

Ona Brown’s Speaking Topics

“When the Seasons Change” – Go from surviving to thriving in a challenging economy

“How to Fall in Love with Your Life!” -Create a romance with your unfolding destiny

“Women Winning Together!” -Uniting superwomen to impact the world

“Discover The Greatest YOU Ever!” -Activate your power from within

“SOLD!” -Selling your way to the wealth of your dreams

“Take this JOB…and LOVE IT!” -How to blossom wherever you are planted

“SPEAK NOW!” –Improve your communication skills and transform your life

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