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THOMAS DISMUKES  Motivational Keynote Speaker, Humorous Storyteller, Living a Healthy and Successful Life

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Thomas Dismukes’ appeal is universal. Since 1991, more than a million people across the U.S. and 19 countries have heard his unbelievable but true motivational stories.

Never turning down an opportunity for a good story or a miserable time, Thomas’ true life adventures range from sleeping in dumpsters in England to exploring the Arctic Circle. He’s survived bareback rodeos, skunks in space suits, and electrocution in Sweden. He’s walked through the Alps barefoot, broke a world record and discovered a lost medieval tomb in Scotland.  He’s lassoed a wild beaver and was nearly drowned by an irrational goose.

Ranked The #1 Motivational Storyteller in the World, it is no wonder meeting planners describe Thomas’ presentation as:

  • “A Gold Mine” YPO Switzerland
  • “Entertaining with a purpose.” YMCA
  • “Phenomenal!” Staples
  • “He kept the audience spellbound.” Chick-fil-A
  • “The message was perfect and humor even better.” Univ. Notre Dame
  • “Thomas’ stories give hope and encouragement to others.” American Cancer Society.
  •  “Your messages are so universal that people across the borders can relate to the same.” Tamil Nadu, India

Thomas Dismukes has a unique ability to discern a meaning behind the madness in a principle EVERYONE can relate to, laugh at, and apply to their lives. Thomas says, “Everyone has a story to tell. Nestled within each triumphant or disastrous event, lies a story that tells a fundamental principle. Learning these principles are the foundation of a healthy, balanced and successful life. It is our responsibility to use our unique, God given talents, to find our place and tell our story.”

Thomas Dismukes is reshaping the vision of what is possible in our lives and is credited with having a profound influence on the attitudes and actions of those who hear him. It is obvious that Thomas is doing what he loves to do! When asked, “Why do you keep doing this?” His answer is, “I get sheer joy and pleasure encouraging other people! I love to see light bulbs going off when someone realizes their potential. “Thomas’ unique niche and style in the market of public speaking, allows him to speak to a wide variety of audiences. It’s apparent from the response and repeat bookings from his clients; he must be doing something right!

Receiving a Master’s degree from Clemson University, Thomas Dismukes chose a career in professional speaking because of his sincere passion to inspire people to do their best and get the best out of life. His purpose is to encourage others to discover, develop, and tell their story through their unique talents and gifts. Thomas lives in the heart of the Tennessee Appalachian Mountains with his lovely bride and their five little children.

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