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REDMOND RAMOS Military Veteran Keynote Speaker

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“I want to instill a level of confidence in everyone I speak for that can only be achieved through finding internal happiness and eliminating victim mentality. I stepped on an IED and got out with a paper cut (single, below the knee amputation). Most people had it much worse, so I’m  the luckiest man alive.”- Redmond Ramos

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Adapt and Overcome

Redmond Ramos deployed to Afghanistan as a combat replacement for 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines, Navy Corpsman. While in Afghanistan, Ramos was rushing to assist an injured Marine when he stepped on an IED, losing his left leg. He won his Warrior Games medals just seven months after his injury.

Ramos has been involved in public speaking since 2008. While in the military, he was always striving to teach his junior Corpsmen (field medics) and Marines combat trauma management. Ramos was in charge of training the Japanese Self Defense Force (JSDF) in combat medicine during Exercise Forest Light 2010 in Sekiyama, Japan.

The day Ramos left the military, he began teaching tactical combat medicine as a civilian contractor for the military. He then found happiness in speaking for the Elizabeth Hospice Center. Being able to thank WWII veterans and their families for their service was an experience like no other. A year later, he was speaking for the hospice center by day and teaching tactical medicine by night.

A compelling speaker and storyteller, former Fleet Marine Force Navy Corpsman Redmond “Red” Ramos, delivers high- energy presentations on the power of positivity. With humor, humility and moving recounts of his military experiences, Ramos reminds audiences that through the power of your own thoughts, you are the most influential person in your life.

Redmond Ramos’ Sports Success

CBS Sports Inaugural 2015 Triumph Games Champion, Amazing Race Season 29 4th place, earned 19 medals (7 gold) by competing in the 2014 Invictus Games in London, 2014 Endeavor Games and 2014 and 2015 Warrior Games in the United States.

 Red Ramos’ Speaking topics

Success Through Struggle

Red’s Favorite subject to speak on, as it truly comes from the heart is something he lives and breathes every day. Red explains how we should look at every obstacle as an opportunity to succeed and grow. By connecting his own story of facing struggles while in Afghanistan, treating patients, and then becoming a patient himself, Red uses humor and real life situations to show that anyone can and should succeed through their struggles and actually look for challenges in order to grow as a business or as a person.

My New Normal

Oftentimes we find ourselves consumed by ‘victim mentality.’ Red admits he struggled following his injury, but quickly realized how lucky he was after time spent with fellow Veterans who suffered a far greater loss. With a new outlook on life, a determined Red committed to finding his new normal. Let Red help you create a vision for your new normal that extends outside the home, workplace and relationships. Don’t be scared of version 2.0. Embrace it.

Your Comfort Zone

Red has faced challenging situations on and off the battlefield. As a Navy Corpsman, Red found himself in unimaginable circumstances. Yet beyond his anticipated comfort zone, Red embraced the unexpected challenges of a decorated combat Veteran. For example, nightly reading was uncharted territory for Red prior to his injury. What was once a feared activity has since become a daily routine. Join Red on his quest to flip the script on venturing outside your comfort zone and learn to make ordinary challenges your norm. Go the extra mile. It’s never crowded.

1% Better

Giving 100% of yourself is exhausting. Setting unattainable goals is devastating. In order to improve his life in a manageable way, Red challenges himself daily to improve by 1% through positive thought and attainable goal setting. He actively focuses on the process instead of the outcome, and is ready to share his techniques to help you make tomorrow better than yesterday.


Red Ramos has appeared on CBS’s The Amazing Race, CBS Sport’s 2015 Triumph Games, NBC for a national commercial, Macy’s in store marketing, ABC News, CBS News, People, TIME Magazine, E News, BuzzFeed, Yahoo! News, and numerous radio shows. He has appeared in more than 70 online publications following his injury.

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