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Call A to Z Entertainment, Inc. today at 888-655-4575 to gain the benefits of using virtual keynote speakers and trainers. Speakers On Demand is an excellent way for you and your organization to acquire professional keynote speakers and interesting, funny, and expert trainers via online videos! You and your team can have expert corporate speakers and trainers, when and where you want, by subscribing to the speakers’ virtual video presentations. As always, A to Z can also help you book any Professional Speakers and Funny Comedians for your live, and virtual, shows and events.

Best Workplace Online Video Training

Welcome to A to Z Entertainment’s new speakers’ video communication platform, Speakers On Demand. None of us can control change, but we can control our progress towards positive results. Even when you cannot book a speaker for a live event, the need for regular communication, information, training, and education remains. For this reason, we are making our keynote speakers and trainers available through a new video platform so their information can be used remotely by everyone in your organization, wherever they are working, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and whether they are using a smartphone, computer, or tablet.

You subscribe to the speakers, trainers, and consultants that are of interest to you and your team. Then, each week you receive a brief email with a video link that takes you to the trainer’s or speaker’s video page where you can watch a video that is of greatest value to you. Out of respect for your time, and ever-increasing demands on work schedules, the speakers’ video presentations range in length, on average, from 90 seconds to a few minutes.

Benefits to You and Your Organization

  • You get valuable training, information, and inspiration from the best experts across the country.
  • You save money. Subscriptions are more affordable than corporate speakers’ fees for live, in-person events. You also save on the speakers’ travel and lodging expenses. Most speaker’s subscription packages start as low as $695.00 per year.
  • You save time and energy. You and your people do not have to plan and coordinate the details of getting your staff together for the speaker and the multitude of tasks involved with a large, live event.
  • Convenience. Your team members can watch, listen and be motivated, educated, and trained from wherever they are, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, using a smartphone, computer or tablet!

Tell us which corporate speakers and what type of content you need and we will work with the speakers to get you what you want. As the CEO or leader, you may submit an introductory video message that can be played before each session and becomes part of the subscription for your organization. Just call us at 888-655-4575 for more details and to get your free trial!

Here is Michael Melnik telling you more about training videos available through Speakers on Demand:

You can subscribe to as many different keynote speakers or trainers or comedians you want. Please look through our list of speakers and comedians, read their bios, and enjoy their videos. Then, tell us which of these comedians and speakers you would like to subscribe to via Speakers On Demand! Click the following links to see introductory videos to each of the speaker’s video packages.

Greg Schwem – You Can’t Quarantine Laughter

Brian Biro – The Breakthrough Leadership Journey

Danny Whitson – The Magic of Sales

Vincent Phipps – Sales Presentation Skills

Rik Roberts – Communication, Teamwork and People Skills

Michael Melnik – Safety Leadership Training

Matt Fore – Stand Out Sales Training

We can help you book or hire any Comedians, Speakers, and Entertainers for your live, and virtual, shows and events and now we can help you subscribe to any Professional Keynote Speakers and Funny Comedians videos you want too. Most video subscription packages start as low as $695.00 per year. Base package includes up to 50 recipients and 25 views per recipient. So call us now at 888-655-4575

With more than 25 years of experience, we are your best agency for booking and hiring Funny Comedians, Keynote Speakers, and Live Entertainers. We are also your best agent for subscribing to virtual speakers’ and trainers’ videos online. Call us at 888-655-4575 today and we will be happy to help you subscribe to the best professional comedians’ and speakers’ videos!

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