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Danny Whitson is a professional magician and stand-up comedian with a passion for sales, magic, and meeting new people. Before life as an entertainer, Danny earned a bachelor’s degree in business and finance from Tusculum University. He has been recognized for winning multiple, platinum-sales awards during his sales career as an outbound sales representative. Danny now uses both skills, sales and magic, to help people become passionate about selling themselves to their customers. In each of his videos, you will receive quick tips on sales along with mind-blowing magic tricks. Danny’s goal is for you to believe in yourself, sell yourself, and find your very own “Magic of Sales”. 

Here are the titles and descriptions of Danny Whitson’s basic sales training videos entitled, The Magic of Sales.

  • Practice, practice, practice! This episode explains something all salespeople must do. Listen and then go make some sales! 
  • Believe in your product: Danny Whitson talks about the importance of BELIEVING in your product.
  • Being Told NO: This episode tells you what to do when you hear the word NO in sales. Enjoy this video and go make some sales!
  • Money: Today we are talking about money! Sit back and enjoy the video and then go make that money appear! 
  • Demand: Danny Whitson talks about the weird world of demand for products. Hope this helps you make some magic happen.
  • Fired Up about Sales: Today we are talking about ways to get fired up about sales. Friendly, fun, sales competitions with your peers. Enjoy and then go make them sales! 
  • Ask questions: In this episode Danny talks about the importance of asking questions. Asking questions is one of the first steps to making that sale… unless you’re a mind reader! 
  • Networking: In this episode we discuss networking in the sales world and tips about leaving lasting impressions. Sit back and enjoy and make those sales!
  • The Truth: Today, Danny talks about the importance of always telling the truth when selling to your customers. Remember you’re a salesperson, not a cheater.
  • Always on the Clock: In this video we are talking about how you have to always be ready to make that sale. A successful sales person is always on the clock. Enjoy this episode!
  •  Make the Boring Interesting: Today’s topic is challenging, but it is possible. Some products can be tough to sell. We are talking about making less than exciting products interesting. Check it out and enjoy!
  • How to Sell… YOU! Danny talks about the first thing you must sale to be a successful salesperson and that’s yourself.

Here’s Danny’s introductory video to the Magic of Sales:

Danny Whitson – The Magic of Sales!

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