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Greg Schwem is a corporate comedian, nationally syndicated humor columnist and host of the streaming TV series, A Comedian Crashes Your Pad.  HuffPost called him “Your boss’ favorite comedian” while the Chicago Tribune dubbed him, “King of the hill in the world of corporate comedy.” Greg’s speaking audiences have included Microsoft, IBM, Verizon, McDonald’s and even the CIA! Call us now at 888-655-4575 to subscribe to Greg Schwem’s video package via Speakers on Demand!

Here are descriptions of Greg Schwem’s videos in his package titled: You Can’t Quarantine Laughter

  • You Can’t Quarantine Laughter…An Introduction – Greg explains WHY it is so important to laugh at work and gives a sneak preview of what’s to come in future videos.
  • So you want to be a virtual star – Greg shares tips on how to present in a virtual setting with suggestions that include selfies, fake awards and live animals.
  • Put down your phone and be funny – Using hilarious examples of what does and does not occur in a business meeting, Greg encourages workers to have meetings using just their wits. And that means no phones.
  • Laughter doesn’t live in a van down by the river – Is a motivational speaker the best way to motivate a work force? Greg says, “NO!” Instead, he argues, it’s surfing the internet for something that consistently makes employees laugh.  It’s also cheaper.
  • When EVERY day is ‘Bring your child to work” day – In Greg’s opinion, nobody struggled more during the pandemic than parents trying to home school their children while also continuing to work. He has some hilarious suggestions on how to combine “mom and dad” work with school work, should distance learning continue.
  • Find your happy place – Greg answers naysayers who insist “we’re not a funny organization” and “this isn’t a good time for us to be laughing” by arguing that stifling workplace laughter also stifles creativity.
  • A laugh a day…lowers your insurance premiums – Greg speaks to supervisors and bosses, suggesting that the biggest employee “perk” might not be free break-room snacks, but the chance to laugh the moment they enter the office every morning.
  • How to be funny and (hopefully) not bomb – Greg explains how working together on a project that includes humor is a great way to bond with co-workers and turn skeptics into believers.
  • Turn your office into a comedy club – Yes, it sounds strange but Greg argues otherwise. Insisting that all employees attempt standup comedy in front of their peers is a great way to force employees to set goals, feel equal among their co-workers, and strive to be the best.
  • Everything’s okay now – Greg shows how some companies have used humor to rectify bad situations or recover from negative publicity.
  • Just because you’re offended doesn’t mean you’re right. – Borrowing (not stealing, but borrowing) from comedian Ricky Gervais, Greg discusses why humor in the workplace should not be discouraged because a single person may find it offensive.
  • This pandemic thingy makes us stronger – Greg reminds his audience that the quarantine brought out new talents and skills in all of us… and suggests businesses not wait until the next pandemic to discover new talents in every employee.
  • The new normal – Greg encourages the workforce to admit that maybe, just maybe, the old way of doing business – plane trips, hotel stays, etc. – is gone forever. But the new way of doing business can be just as fun, even if it does involve a dozen people on a Zoom call.

Greg Schwem can also make additional videos for you that are customized to your organization; please call for pricing. Here are some examples:

CUSTOM VIDEO Anything funny happen this week? – Greg has a secret conference call on a Friday morning with executives and then prepares a comedic monologue, to be shown later, that sums up the week.

CUSTOM VIDEO Monday morning funny – What better way to begin the work week than with a monologue from Greg on just about anything including what happened in the world over the weekend, what might happen in the office during the coming week, and more.

CUSTOM VIDEO Bob from sales is hilarious – Greg gently “roasts” an employee who is celebrating a special occasion such as a birthday, retirement, or closing of a big deal. Whatever the occasion, Greg will deliver!

Here’s Greg’s video introduction to You Can’t Quarantine Laughter:

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