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Matt Fore is a speaker; a hilarious speaker, but still, a speaker. He’s a writer, a lecturer, and a small business coach who equips entrepreneurs to *Stand Out* in their communication to attract and serve the clients who actually buy. Some of those teachings come from his video training course; “Stand Out- Communicate – Win”. We email Matt’s training videos to you and your team. Call us now at 888-655-4575 to find out more about the Best Workplace Training Videos for you and your organization.

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Matt Fore: “Stand Out, Communicate, Win”

Matt Fore‘s message comes from twenty-eight years as a full-time entrepreneur and from painful financial and time investments in personal coaching while driving an old car with a cracked windshield.

His insights come from a combination of intense, personal time with the finest experts in the field, combined with a sizeable degree of scratching, clawing, throwing small objects, elation, defeat and a tenacious attitude to never quit until it works.

Matt Fore has written numerous articles on mindset and communication for, The Huffington Post, and where he currently serves as a contributor.

For more than two decades he has delivered his humorous but powerful messages from the main stages of conferences for such companies as TIAA-CREF, Stingray Boats, and Aflac to name a few.

In addition to speaking, training and writing, Matt has also served at the entertainment for corporate events around the country, delighting audiences with his stand-up comedy and sleight of hand feats of wonder. Motto: “Not a Dry Seat in the House.”

Matt Fore has performed for Carnival Cruise Lines, The Magic Castle in Hollywood and on several national television shows for Odyssey, TNN, TBN and Fox Sports. Matt lives in Johnson City, Tennessee with his lovely redheaded author wife Jo Ann. They have three or four daughters. He is not sure because he spends much of his time on the road.

Matt Fore video training

Stand Out



8 Powerful Actions to Attract and Communicate with the Clients that Actually Buy!

Are You Ready to Stand Out, Attract and Communicate with the Clients that Actually Buy?

Effective communication is the magic bullet to grow any business. “Business is Communication. Get that right and you have a great chance to win.”

But, there seems to be a big problem:

Your clients and potential clients live in a busy and extremely noisy world. They don’t call. They don’t write…

The distractions are enormous and most people hear see over 4,000 ads per day. Emails get deleted, posts and messages get ignored and calls go unanswered.

Is it possible to connect in an effective way to reach your market, communicate your message, generate raving fans, close deals and grow your business?

You bet! And that’s what this course is all about.

Here, you will learn:

Practical Action Steps to apply directly to your business immediately. No theory, No hype, No get rich quick nonsense; Just *Proven and Time Tested* methods to cut through the noise and effectively attract and communicate with the clients who actually buy.  

A few Reviews from Entrepreneurs:

Absolutely the smartest thing I have done for my business.” Darrel Barrie – Hammonton, NJ

Just one tip is worth the price.” David Thomas – Oklahoma City, OK

A homerun for anyone who wants to increase their business.” Scott Francis – Corporate Speaker – Charlotte, NC

Absolutely teeming with practical, attainable strategies.” Gary Wade – Jonesboro, IN

With Matt Fore’s Online Sales Training Videos You’ll Receive:

  • 11 videos and most with slides for easy learning
  • 9 PDFs for easy access
  • 3 One-sheet templates to copy for your own business

Here are the titles and descriptions of Matt’s “Stand Out – Communicate – Win” training videos:

Introduction If business communication is driving you nuts, you are in good company. The student of this course will learn, not only the “What” but a considerable amount of the “How to” of effective communication to generate greater sales and therefore income. 

Communication for Outstanding Results While businesses compete for attention, the smart ones choose to attract, rather than chase.

Do The Right Thing and Be Accessible Sometimes getting the business is like winning the gold medal because nobody else showed up.

Too Much Information While it’s hard to grasp, most customers don’t care anything about your bells and whistles. They just want their problem solved.

Be The Expert They Are Looking For If you’re tired of hearing, “It Should,” “It Might,” or “I’m Not Exactly Sure,” you are not alone. A company can stand head and shoulders above the rest when they have clear and definitive answers.

Communicate Regularly Clients are not thinking about your industry until they have a problem. When that day arrives, who will they call? The company that communicated and developed the relationship. Here you’ll learn an idea you’ll use over and over again.

Opt-In Pages Almost nobody buys the first time. Potential clients need a bridge to carry them from doubt to trust.

Be Animated It’s too easy to hide behind a website, a logo, an ad, or even a motto. Learn ways of letting your face be seen, your personality known, and your voice heard to go a long way toward winning new business.

The Power of Words Businesses are built on words. If that’s true, and it certainly is, wouldn’t it be imperative to know the most powerful words and how to use them?

Create Curiosity Subject Lines Most people delete their emails each morning and they bypass any attempt to get their attention because their interest is not piqued. In this hyper busy and competitive environment, curiosity is a powerful tool that must be employed.

Positive Attitude So much of a customer’s decision is based on how they were made to feel. Here we examine the Ritz Carlton and discover why their customers are not only loyal, but are willing to pay far more than the average price.

Matt Fore describes his sales video training: Stand Out, Communicate, Win!

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