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MICHAEL MELNIK Online Video Training via Speakers on Demand

Michael Melnik is an occupational therapist with a master’s degree in exercise physiology. He is the owner and president of Prevention Plus, Inc., a company that helps organizations “Energize” their safety programs and their people. For more than 25 years he has shared his practical, high energy and humorous approach to safety with more than 750,000 participants around the world and is the author and talent in several award-winning safety training videos.

Michael S. Melnik MS-OTR: Injury Prevention Video Training Package – Leadership Strategies and Employee Tips

This powerful video subscription package is packed with dozens of short videos that help organizations maximize the impact of their injury prevention efforts. The leadership videos offer an approach that helps create a work environment with employees that are motivated, receptive and engaged.

The employee videos contain the same injury prevention information Michael has shared with hundreds of thousands of employees with simple and practical tips for safer sitting, standing, lifting and stretching.

This subscription helps organizations maximize the impact of their programs and provides employees with strategies that can be put to use right away.

Topics include:

  • The Energized Approach
  • Back Injury Prevention
  • Stretching and Warm-up Programs
  • Effective Safety Training

You and your team can watch the videos 24/7/365. Total # of emails/schedule: 26 (bi-monthly) Total # of videos: 190

Work Safe at Home

The Work Safe at Home video coaching subscription was created to reduce the risks for home-based employees. It’s packed with short videos that address the unique needs of the remote worker.

It includes tips on setting up a safe and effective computer work area, strategies for developing safe work habits, simple stretches, and postural changes that improve comfort and productivity. The library also contains an assortment of videos that address safety, health and wellness topics, and much more. Weekly emails help these employees keep health, safety and productivity “top of mind”.  Each subscription is for 52 weeks. Videos can be accessed 24/7/365. Total # of emails/schedule: 52 (weekly) Total # of videos: 115

The Back Pack – Complete library of award-winning back injury prevention videos

Michael Melnik is an injury prevention specialist and nationally recognized speaker who has helped many of the nation’s largest companies develop and implement their programs. He has created numerous award-winning training videos that are used by thousands of companies across the country. These videos are known for being fun, practical and most importantly, effective.  The entire library is now available in a single package and at an incredible price. Videos can be accessed 24/7/365. The Back Pack subscription provides a full year of access to the following titles:

  • A Better Way to Lift  (English and Spanish)
  • On the Road: The Lighter Side of Lifting
  • The Back Owner’s Guide to Lifting and Stretching (English and Spanish)
  • A Bit About Backs (3 Modules)
  • Take Five for Safety (5 Modules – Sitting, Standing, Lifting, Stretching and Ergonomics)
  • Stretching Out at Work
  • From Knowing to Doing; Getting the Most From Your Safety Training (Leadership)
  • The Energized Approach to Great Programs (Leadership)

Total # of emails: 12 (Monthly) Total # of videos: 20

Office Ergonomics Training

Does your organization have employees working at computers for extended periods of time? If so, this subscription is for you. It contains dozens of short videos that address EVERY aspect of working safely in an office environment.

Topics include:

  • Setting up a Safe/Comfortable/Productive Work Environment
  • Effective Use/Adjustment of Your Chair
  • Positioning of Screen, Keyboard and Mouse.
  • Reducing Glare
  • Identifying (and addressing) Demanding Sitting Habits.
  • Stretching , Postural Adjustments and much, much more

Total # of emails: 26 Total # of videos: 47

Michael Melnik online safety leadership videos

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