From 1988 until the present, Randy has ministered and preached the gospel in sixty-four nations… Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Ukraine, Russia, Uganda, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Madagascar, Israel, Bahamas, Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Fiji Islands, Virgin Islands, Romania, Australia, England, Finland, Bulgaria, Hungary, Israel, Greece, Costa Rica, Jordan, Italy, Turkey and many others.

Randy has also spoken and witnessed the Gospel in over 45 states across the U.S.A. in hundreds of churches, schools, colleges, universities, prisons and one-on-one opportunities. In order to draw crowds to share the gospel message of the Lord Jesus Christ and give a personal testimony, Randy uses the basketball in the following ways: he spins the ball on a spoon while eating ice cream, on a tooth brush while brushing his teeth and he also spins it on a cell phone. He demonstrates some of the late “Pistol Pete” Maravich ball handling drills.

June 1990, Randy founded the Randy Shepherd Basketball Camp which has evolved into the Crossfire Basketball camps. There have been over 12,810 boys and girls ages 6-17 to attend the camps during the last twenty three summers.

In 1990, Randy’s testimony was aired on the world-wide radio program “Unshackled” out of the Pacific Garden Mission out of Chicago, Illinois.

Summer 1993, Randy helped lead the Focus on the Family Basketball camps in Orlando Florida, Washington D.C. and Bangor, Maine.

Randy’s testimony of how the Lord Jesus freed him from anxiety and depression has been aired several times on the Minirith-Meier nation-wide radio broadcast from Richardson, Texas.

In March 2000, Randy and Jamie were featured on James and Betty Robison’s television program, “Life Today,” which was aired world-wide to more than 120 million families.

The Lord has given Randy the opportunity to share the gospel message of Jesus Christ with high school friend and Chicago Bull super star Michael Jordan along with many other NBA players and athletes. He has conducted chapel services for the world champion Chicago Bulls, Atlanta Hawks and Charlotte Hornets.

Randy and Jamie have ministered at four Summer Olympics: Atlanta, GA, Sydney, Australia, Athens, Greece and London, England.

In 2005, Randy was a guest on Pat Robertson’s “700 Club” where he had the privilege of sharing about Crossfire Ministries on this worldwide television program which reaches into 220 million homes.

In the Crossfire/ACC All-Star Classic game, the last 20 years Randy has won the three-point shoot out about 10 times. In one contest he made 22 three pointers in 60 seconds. In 1991 in an exhibition game against UNC-Asheville while with Spirit Express Randy made 11 three pointers for 33 points in one game. In 1996 he made 12 three-pointers for 36 points in the Crossfire ACC All-Star Classic Game.

The last 20 years Jamie and Randy have ministered on sixteen trips to the Holy Land of Israel helping assist the late Dr. Billy Cline and Dr. Ralph Sexton, Jr. They have been able to speak on numerous occasions at the Nazareth Baptist School comprised of Jewish, Muslim and Christian young people.

Whether it is sharing with a young person in a third world country or sharing three years ago with President Obama on his vacation to Asheville, Randy Shepherd has a passion to tell others about Jesus and His saving grace!