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THE KLEANS OF KOMEDY! Chocolate, Small Fire, Sister Cantaloupe

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Chinnitta ‘Chocolate’ Morris, Sylvia ‘Small Fire’ Holloway, and Trina ‘Sister Cantaloupe’ Jeffrie are THE KLEANS of KOMEDY TOUR!

These three amazingly funny, award-winning ladies have 90 years of comedy experience between them. They come from the background of HBO, Showtime at the Apollo, and Bobby Jones Gospel. Separately, they have sold out shows from the east-coast to the west-coast, from the stars, to the moon and back again. They are the most sought-after gospel and clean comedians around today!

When you think of good clean, wholesome, family comedy, these 3 ladies names roll right off your lips first. Between them they have earned over 300 awards for their over-the-top… hilarious, and side-splitting comedy.

The Kleans of Komedy also have numerous TV appearances and radio interviews and have been featured in numerous newspaper and magazine articles. You have also seen them in numerous movies and award shows. They have been on stage with the best of the best and the who’s who of gospel artists like Kirk Franklin and Aretha Franklin! Chocolate, Small Fire, and Sister Cantaloupe have decided to pool their comedy, their knowledge, and their sisterhood together to bring you an awesome and funny TOUR!

Yes, they’re all Queens of Comedy… in their own right, but instead of calling themselves that, they decided to let you know in their tour title what they come to bring you and that’s good Klean Komedy. So, you can bring this tour to your churches, cruises, colleges, corporate events, and yes, even family reunions …LOL!

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Chocolate, Small Fire and Sister Cantaloupe look forward to making you laugh and say: Blessings to you and your families! To God be the Glory!





Chocolate – Chinnitta Morris

Small Fire – Sylvia Holloway

Sister Cantaloupe – Trina Jeffrie

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