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Colin Andrew Mochrie was born in Kilmarnock, Scotland. As the son of an airline maintenance executive, his family tended to move around quite frequently. They first moved to Montreal and then to Vancouver in 1969. He considered himself a loner during his childhood days due to his shyness, a trait that he claims he still evidently has. At 16, he was dared by a friend to join a High School play where he had the part of an undertaker. It was then when he got his first laugh (by splitting his pants) and afterwards, he “craved for nothing but more laughter.” He then turned to Theatersports, where he attended an acting school for four years.

Introduced by a friend, Colin Mochrie teamed up Ryan Stiles to do improv, who at the time was doing stand up comedy. Shortly after doing Expo ’86, Colin moved to Toronto. There, he auditioned for The Second City (a famous North American comedy theater), where Ryan Stiles was working at the time. He was hired by Debra McGrath.

In 1989, he and Deb got married. They later had a son, Luke, who was born sometime during 1991. Colin worked in The Second City for three years and the couple then moved to Los Angeles, where Deb worked on a TV series with Second City colleague, Linda Kash. They hated it there, and after spending their last few weeks selling off their CDs to buy diapers for their son, they moved back to Toronto.

Colin Mcohrie has acted in various small roles in movies and series. His first movie was “the 3D Space Epic, ‘Space Hunter: Adventures of the Forbidden Zone’, where he captures Molly Ringwald and utters the immortal line: ‘You can ask the Chemist.'” He has also earned other small roles in movies such “The Real Blonde” starring Kathleen Turner and Matthew Modine. He says that he is “planning to do big movies. Unfortunately, no one is planning to hire [him] for one.”

Colin Mochries first TV series was “Downtown Saturday Night”, a sketch comedy-talk show shot in Vancouver. However, he is best known for being a regular on the TV show “Whose Line is it Anyway?” which is often known as WLiiA?. He had first auditioned for WLiiA? while in Toronto but hadn’t made it. He auditioned again in L.A. a few years later and got the part, but he says he owes it all to Ryan [Stiles] who “probably forced them to” hire him. In April 2000, he won a Canadian Comedy Award for the best male improviser. One year later, he grabbed another Canadian Comedy Award for Best Male Performance in Television Series for “Who’s Line is it Anyway?”.

Colin has been an extremely busy celebrity. Currently he performs on stage doing over 100 tour dates a year at sold out venues all over the United States and Canada. Recently he completed production on a new feature film, “The Yellow Woman” from Film Bianca Inc. the production team of “Barbarian Invasion” which won the Best Foreign Film award last year at the Oscars and he finished filming “Young Triffie’s Been Made Away With” by Mary Walsh. Colin’s production company is also in development on a television series for the CBC called “The Tinkerer”.

Colin Mochrie also appears is in several commercials, has done many films, and is often on several TV series. He is seen on repeats of “Improv Heaven and Hell”, “The Drew Carey Show” as Eugene; in “Supertown Challenge” (a show spoof making fun of small towns) as the host, Dick Powell. He has as done voiceover work as a sexually ambiguous alligator and along with his wife, a hyena. Along with that, he also filmed the American version of WLiiA? in L.A., episodes of Blackfly in Halifax, hosted the “Offbeat World” (a travel series), and finished voiceover work for “Seven Little Monsters”. Colin Mochrie has worked with many other famous comedians including Brad Sherwood.

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