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Craig Shoemaker has delighted audiences from coast to coast with his clean, honest humor and insights into life’s funniest situations at work and at home. He’ll leave you and your group rolling in the aisles, while at the same time giving tips to better living.

Craig has performed his unique brand of comedy in front of millions of people on stage, screen, and TV; and now he comes to you live and in person, imparting his skills to assist others in creating a healthy, happy life. Upon receiving news of his best friend’s terminal prognosis, Craig’s purpose and passion became focused on raising the awareness of the healing powers of laughter.

In 2012 Craig finished a lifelong dream of obtaining his Doctorate and received his Doctoral degree from the California University of Pennsylvania. Also an accomplished author of the best selling book, “LoveMaster’d, a Digital Guide to Love & Happiness,” Dr. Shoemaker has much to share about bringing you the financial, family, and personal riches you deserve!  Craig is perfect for Corporate Keynotes and Leadership Educational Sessions.

Craig Shoemaker’s Keynote Speaking Topics

LAUGHTER HEALS: Turning Tough Times Into Laughter (90 minutes)

Humor and laughter are powerful agents for shifting attitude. It’s long been said that ‘laughter is the best medicine’, so here’s your prescription. In this positively hilarious keynote program, Inspirational Comedian, Craig Shoemaker will use the acronym L.A.U.G.H. as a framework for sharing real-time tips to help you chose laughter more often than anxiety chooses you.  Learn Craig’s self-coined LAUGHIDATION technique.

PURSUING HAPPINESS: Why Not YOU?! (90 minutes)

Craig will lead your organization or your group in a look at six sure-fire ways to lift you out of your rut and begin living with purpose. Here are the tools to being motivated to lightening the load of stresses and obstacles that keep an organiztion down. America was founded in the pursuit of happiness, so let’s get pursuing!

CAREER FREEZE: Why Should Work Always Feel Like Work? (90 minutes)

How do we stay positive during the stress of our job? In this funny and poignant keynote program, Craig takes you through a hilarious peek at how your work and career can transform into a positive outcome, just by adding humor to your daily diet. When we learn how to manage pain and upset, we have a better chance of achieving inner calm amid the outer chaos. It works for many, including the Red Sox and Lakers, two professional teams Craig has helped turn into world champions!

HUMOR AND HEALTH: Laughing for the Health of It (90 minutes)

In this very funny program we will look at the role of attitude, humor and laughter as powerful tools in easing stress and enhancing physical, mental and spiritual health. We will look at both the art and science of laughter. We will take a lively look at some specific ways in which we contribute to our mental, physical and emotional discourse. Craig helps you and your audience while you learn some everyday tools for reducing anxieties and inviting more levity into your lives.

LAUGHTER & LEADERS: What Your People Want You to Know about Leadership (90 minutes)

This may be the funniest keynote program you have ever heard on the topic of Leadership. Motivational Comedian, Craig Shoemaker shares stories from his storied professional life regarding his observations on leaders who did it well and leaders who didn’t. Craig believes there are fundamental constants in the making of a great leader. Learn (or be reminded of) the everyday behaviors you can use today, to set a tone of trust, esprit de corps, and ownership among your team.

DESPERATELY SEEKING SERVICE: A Hilarious Look at the Lessons Behind Good and Bad ServiceCraig Shoemaker hire book agent

Behind every great act of service, stands an astonished customer. Great service is not just a fluke. But then companies like Target, Costco and Zappos come along and prove us delightfully wrong. Craig Shoemaker would like to ask you a few questions: What defines truly great service? How can we place the focus back on retaining customers versus just collecting them? Why can some companies occasionally get it wrong and still gain our trust? What keeps us coming back? What chases us (and our dollars) away forever? This is a very funny and insightful keynote program on why we should genuinely care about the people on the other side of the service transaction, and why we should never view service as a single transaction in the first place. Creating great customer karma comes back a hundred-fold to us in acclaim, goodwill and …wait for it…profits!


No one gets up in the morning and says, “Yippee, today I get to hear some feedback!” Feedback is a vital component in keeping an effective organization on track, yet it has long been misunderstood and mismanaged. In this fun, funny, and information-rich three-hour training, Craig gives you a comprehensive look at the five best practices for giving and receiving feedback effectively. Managers will learn real-time tools to help them confidently engage in giving and receiving feedback from a positive, centered and unbiased point of view.

WHERE OH WHERE IS LOVE?  (90 minutes)

Dr. Shoemaker has long been known as “The LoveMaster.” He has an award winning film by that title, as well as several digital recordings; all with a core component being the hilarious comedy character, “The LoveMaster.” Well, now he’s turned it into a service, supplying people with the tools it takes to build a thriving love life. Whether it be with whom you’re with now or someone in your future, Dr. Shoemaker, an ordained minister, has officiated many weddings, marrying couples in “HaHa-trimony,” where the core component in a sustained relationship is the ability to find the laughs. No guarantees for you, but Craig fixed up nine different couples who ended up getting married!

Craig Shoemaker Funny Comedian:

Named Comedian of the Year by the American Comedy Awards on ABC, Craig Shoemaker’s half-hour Comedy Central special has been voted by viewers as one of the network’s “Top 20” stand-up specials of all time.

Craig’s feature film credits include the box office hit Scream 2, co-starring opposite Patrick Stewart in Safe House and his featured role opposite Daryl Hannah as her love interest in 2007’s Dark Honeymoon. Craig won Best Supporting Actor at the Elevate Film Festival. His own film The Lovemaster (with Farrah Fawcett), won “Best Film” honors at the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival.

Craig began his career in his hometown of Philadelphia, where he honed his comedy and characters winning the “Best of Philly” Award while working as a bartender and attending Temple University. As a voice-over artist, Craig’s dead-on impression of Don Knotts was featured in the film Pleasantville (which he also played the narrator) and has voiced many hit animated series including Teamo Supremo, Monsters, and I M Weasel.

Craig’s small screen credits include his one-hour special on Comedy Central titled, The Lovemaster… Unzipped, co-hosting duties on HBO’s Comic Relief 2006, roles on numerous prime time series and he was actually Joy Behar’s first guest in her Comedy Corner on ABC’s The View.

Inspired by his children, Craig has also published two hit children’s books, now in their third printing, entitled “What You Have Now…What Your Daddy Had Then” and “What You Have Now… What Your Mommy Had Then.”

Additionally, Craig Shoemaker has had his own nationally syndicated radio show, which after only ten months on the air, won the prestigious Communicator Award “Crystal” prize. Two of Craig’s stand-up comedy routines made it to the Top 10 list on XM Radio, with “Playing Army” ranking #1. His “Lovemaster” routine was voted Most Popular Comedy on XM Radio’s Big Schtick Awards.

In June 2010, Craig received an honorary doctorate in Humanities from his alma mater, California University of Pennsylvania, recognizing his humanitarian work he has performed over the last several years.

Craig Shoemaker has toured with Ray Charles and Kenny Loggins. When Kenny was about to open the show at the Neil Simon Theater on Broadway, he was informed one of his singers was sick. Shoemaker did his stand-up and then came out on stage again to be one of Loggins’ backup singers, learning the vocals over dinner! Craig has performed the National Anthem several times, including at Dodger Stadium and the Oakland Coliseum.

Craig loves parenting his three boys, Justin, Jared, and Jackson. Whether it is coaching little league or telling bedtime stories, it is being a father that is most rewarding to him.

Travels from:  Los Angeles, CA

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