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GREG SCHWEM Funny Corporate Comedian and Keynote Business Speaker

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Hire Business Humor Speaker Greg Schwem!

The Chicago Tribune has dubbed him “one of the top 10 Chicago comedians working today” and “The king of the hill in the world of corporate comedy.” Washington Techway Magazine called his show a “welcome refreshing change.” MultiFamily Executive Magazine said his performance was “one of the funniest they had ever witnessed.” His name is Greg Schwem and he’s ready to bring his custom brand of business humor and motivational speaking to your next event.

Greg Schwem calls his show “Comedy With a Byte.” Full of clean, fast-paced humor that pokes fun at the business world; his presentation has entertained audiences coast to coast. Clients such as IBM, Motorola, McDonald’s, Siemens, Amway, Cardinal Healthcare, AT&T and Echostar have invited Greg to share his hilarious views on technology and today’s business environment.

Greg Schwem delivers with observations on topics such as technical support lines, monotonous business meetings, acronyms, “frequently” asked questions, e-commerce, cell phone addiction and that annoying guy in every office who always send two word e-mails! By the end of Greg’s show, you’ll see how “efficient’ tools are actually rendering us inefficient. More importantly, your employees will leave feeling motivated and willing to chuckle when technology rears its ugly head in the workplace!

Unlike many humorous speakers, Greg researches every audience and customizes material so no two shows are alike! Combining inoffensive comedy with lightning fast ad-lib skills, Greg takes his audiences on hilarious tours through their work environments.

When Greg hits the stage he has already perused the company’s Internet site, combed the internal message boards and even sifted through numerous PowerPoint presentations. “There is no such thing as too much information,” Greg says. “I know corporate audiences like to laugh at themselves so the more ammunition I get, the funnier it will be. Just don’t give me a 10-K report. There is NOTHING funny about that.”

Greg Schwem comedian for hire agentGreg is also an author and his latest book is “The Road to Success Goes Through the Salad Bar” and one of his previous books is:“Text Me If You’re Breathing:Greg Schwem comedian hiring agency
Observations, Frustrations and Life Lessons From a Low-Tech Dad
”. Greg is also a syndicated columnist.

Greg Schwem has also shared the concert stage with the likes of Celine Dion, Jay Leno, and LeAnn Rimes. Greg Schwem and Comedy With A Byte. Together, they’re good for your business!

Greg Schwem also has a new motivational presentation called, “Rock, Roll and Laugh Your Way to the Top”. Greg combines humor with rock music so you can turn your audience into rock stars!

Greg also has several customized programs for your audience. Here are two:

Work, Laugh, Repeat

Perfect for any group that needs a humorous break from the serious side of business. In spite of its therapeutic qualities, laughter is often absent from the business environment. Greg shows it is possible to laugh at work and about work. Audience members will put down their iPads and Blackberries and laugh along with Greg as he good-naturedly discusses topics such as Smart Phone abuse, social network overload, never-ending conference calls, “frequently” asked questions, and home office workers. His preparation includes company web site research, phone conferences and maybe even a personal visit!

Eight Simple Rules for Survival

A humorous and motivational talk that encourages audience members to look inside themselves and see how they can perform more efficiently. Along the way Greg  tackles the pros and cons of social networking sites such as Facebook, why using photos to tout your products can backfire, why the American Girl Doll company is so successful and why Costco is superior to its main rival Sam’s Club when it comes to customer service. (Hint: It has something to do with death). Eight Simple Rules for Survival is ideal for sales groups and any organization looking to boost performance.

You can also subscribe to Greg Schwem’s video package via our new service Speakers on Demand. Click the link to see more about Greg Schwem’s online video package: You Can’t Quarantine Laughter! and then call us at 888-655-4575 to subscribe to Greg’s online videos! Here’s Greg introducing his video package:

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