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ERIC BENSON Stress Management and Training

ERIC BENSON – Stress Management Expert Trains to Reduce Work Stress

Best speakers bureau for hiring motivational speakers and trainers and stress experts Eric Benson


Eric Benson is a stress expert trainer and humorous speaker who can help any organization or company with relieving work-place stress. Boost the productivity and success of your staff by having Eric teach your team how to handle stress. We are your exclusive booking agency and agent for hiring Eric Benson, so call 888-655-4575 today to check available dates for booking Eric. Help your company or organization achieve success with less stress!

As a Professional Speaker, Seminar Leader, and Workshop Facilitator, Eric Benson’s high-energy and first-rate people skills combine to engage people and create an interactive learning environment to accelerate growth and development.

 After more than 20 years of experience of working with and studying people in action, Eric Benson is convinced that performance is tied to one’s state of happiness and that most people spend too much time struggling under stress and too little time realizing their potential for inner peace, higher performance and true happiness. Based on this belief, Eric now concentrates all of his efforts on empowering people to manage stress, extinguish burnout, achieve work-life balance, and move toward higher states of happiness.

Eric’s high energy and first-rate people skills combine to engage people and create an interactive learning environment to accelerate growth and development. He has the ability to allow everyone to grasp the material and immediately apply it to his or her real world situations.

Benson has served organizations such as United Way, Sacred Heart Health Systems, International Association of Administrative Professionals, Tennessee Association of Municipal Clerks and Reporters, American Society for Training & Development, and the International Society for Performance Improvement.

Create long-term successful results for your audience – book stress expert and trainer Eric Benson today!

Learn more about Eric Benson and watch a video clip of him in action as a seminar speaker.

We’re your best speakers bureau to book or hire Eric Benson and we also help you plan and produce your event. So call us today at 888-655-4575 and we’ll be happy to help you with every aspect of the booking process!


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4 thoughts on “ERIC BENSON Stress Management and Training”
  1. JimmyJ. says:

    Eric Benson sounds like an interesting stress managment speaker. We’ll be in touch because I thin our team is very stressed. Thanks.

    1. admin says:

      Hi Jimmy J,

      Thanks for writing and yes, you’re right, Eric Benson is a great stress management speaker for any company or organization that wants less stress and more success.
      Call us at 888-655-4575 and we’ll be glad to help you book Eric Benson!

  2. Jeff Brunson says:

    One of the many great things about Eric is that what you see is truly who he is. Eric is a dynamic spirit … and this naturally shows in how he presents!

    1. admin says:

      Hello Jeff Brunson,

      You’re right, Eric Benson is a dynamic spirit and a great motivational speaker and stress management expert. We appreciate you, Jeff Brunson, for visiting our site and for your positive comments about our favorite guest speaker, Eric Benson!

      Hope to hear from you again sometime, thanks.

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