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A New Service for You: Speakers on Demand

Educate, train, and motivate your team and have virtual keynote speakers and trainers, when and where you want, with a Speakers on Demand video subscription. We are making our speakers and trainers available through a new video platform so their information can be used remotely by everyone in your organization, wherever they are working, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and whether they are using a smartphone, computer, or tablet. Call us now at 888-655-4575 to learn more.


Benefits of Speakers on Demand to You and Your Organization:

* You get valuable virtual training, information, and inspiration from the best experts in the country.

* You save money. Speaker’s subscriptions are more affordable than speakers’ fees for live, in-person events.

* You also save on the speakers’ travel and lodging expenses. Your speaker subscription packages start as low as $695.00 per year.

* You save time and energy. You and your people do not have to plan and coordinate the details of getting your staff together for the speaker and the multitude of tasks involved with a large, live event.

* Convenience. Your team members can watch, listen and be motivated, educated, and trained from wherever they are, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, using a smartphone, computer or tablet.

Click this link and see more about Speakers on Demand

Here is a corporate speaker and trainer that you can enjoy and learn from via his video subscriptions at Speakers on Demand!

  • For more than thirty years, Michael Melnik has delivered his unique, high-energy message to over 750,000 participants throughout the United States, Canada, and Australia. 
  • Melnik has produced and starred in award-winning videos used by numerous Fortune 1000 companies.
  • Michael speaks and trains regularly at many national conferences and is one of the highest rated speakers in America. His audiences have included General Mills, The Home Depot, Alcoa, Wells Fargo, 3M, Northwest Airlines, United Airlines, Exxon Mobil, Walmart, Coca-Cola, UPS, and many more.

Click here and learn how to increase the health, safety, and energy of your company or organization with Michael Melnik 

Call A to Z Entertainment, Inc. now at 888-655-4575 to learn more and gain the benefits of using virtual keynote speakers. Speakers On Demand is an excellent way for you and your organization to acquire professional keynote speakers via online videos! 

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2 thoughts on “A New Service for You: Speakers on Demand”
  1. Tracey S. says:

    We’ve been looking for training like this! How do we receive the training videos?

    1. A to Z Entertainment, Inc. says:

      Hi Tracey, Thanks for visiting our site. You and your team can decide to receive you training videos via periodic emails for which you establish the schedule, or the speaker’s training videos can be sent to you all at once so that you and your team can view them in any order and at anytime they wish! Just call us at 888-655-4575 and we’ll be happy to explain the details and get you started.

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