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We have great employee training videos for your organization. Our speakers and trainers make videos that are quick and easy to understand. Speakers on Demand is our new service that gives your team fun and relevant corporate training videos! Call us today at 888-655-4575 to learn more.

Speakers On Demand is an excellent way for you and your organization to acquire professional keynote speakers and interesting and funny trainers via online videos! You and your team can have corporate guest speakers and trainers, when and where you want, by subscribing to the speakers’ virtual video presentations. As always, A to Z can also help you book any Professional Speakers and Funny Comedians for your virtual and live events and shows.

Benefits of Speakers on Demand to You and Your Organization

  • You get valuable training, information, and inspiration from the best experts across the country.
  • You save money. Subscriptions are more affordable than corporate speakers’ fees for live, in-person events. You also save on the speakers’ travel and lodging expenses. 
  • You save time and energy. You and your people do not have to plan and coordinate the details of getting your staff together for the speaker and the multitude of tasks involved with a large, live event.
  • Convenience. Your team members can watch, listen and be motivated, educated, and trained from wherever they are, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, using a smartphone, computer or tablet!

Rik Roberts shows you How to Improve Communication, Customer, and Relationship Skills in the Workplace. Rik’s video package provides you fifteen quick, yet effective videos designed to give you and your team practical and powerful tools to improve listening, team leadership, social, and customer service skills. Rik Roberts’ Mayberry Method shows you and your team how to develop their organization, their relationships, and themselves.

Click this link to see more about The Mayberry Method, Rik Robert’s 15-video package for employee soft skills training

Vincent Ivan Phipps: Sales Presentation Skills Training Videos. Vincent is an expert keynote speaker and trainer. Vincent’s video package provides you twelve quick, yet powerful videos designed to give you and your team practical and effective tools to improve sales pitches and presentation skills. Make it your goal of investing in this subscription to make your next presentation, your best presentation!

Click this link to more about Vincent’s sales presentation training videos

Brian Biro is America’s Breakthrough Coach! Brian has delivered over 1,800 presentations around the world over the last 30 years. The author of 15 books, Brian was rated #1 from over 40 Speakers at 4 consecutive INC. Magazine International Conferences. With degrees from Stanford University and UCLA, Brian has appeared on Good Morning America, and CNN. Brian gives you a 26-video journey that will help you rise to your potential as a Breakthrough Leader! 

See more about Brian’s 26-video package that teaches Leadership is for Everyone!

Training is important to your team and your company! So call us now at 888-655-4575 to get the best workplace training videos for you and your organization.

See other Speakers and Trainers available through Speakers on Demand

A to Z Entertainment, Inc. can help you book and hire any Funny Comedians, Keynote Speakers and Trainers, and Corporate Entertainers you want for your live and virtual events. Our Speakers on Demand training videos are an innovative and very affordable way to maintain and improve your team’s training. We also help you plan and produce your events and shows and the advice is always free from A to Z! 888-655-4575

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  1. Fred M. says:

    This is GREAT! I was wondering how I was going to train and motivate my employees; How do I get the videos?
    Fred M.

    1. Comedians and Speakers says:

      Hi Fred,
      Thanks for asking about our staff training videos. The speakers training videos are emailed to your team members on any schedule you wish: once per week, once per month, or all videos at once. It’s all up to you. Feel free to call us anytime at 888-655-4575 for more details. We’ll be happy to help you!

Please let us know what you think; thank you!

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