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How to Have Successful Concert Events. Thank you for visiting A to Z Entertainment, Inc. In addition to booking comedians, speakers and entertainers, we have successfully helped plan and produce many, many concert events and music festivals across the country. This post discusses your venue as part of our guide to help you have great concert events. We also hope you choose A to Z as your entertainment booking agency and event planner and producer. The purpose of this guide is to help you and your organization plan and conduct your event so that it is a success. Call us for free at 888-655-4575 because the advice is always free from A to Z!

How to have a Successful Concert Event from A to Z! Your Venue

Venue Requirements Checklist for Concert Events 888-655-4575

Even if you have already established your venue, you may want to review this section. (Venue: the place, amphitheater, park, fairground, stadium, etc., public or private, where you will hold your event)

Whether you are renting a venue or using a public venue be sure you have the names and numbers of key contacts that have access to, and control of, the venue. Be sure you know all the things the venue and the local government requires and prohibits when using the site. Based on the size and duration of your event, be sure to discuss and plan details about electricity, water, lighting, restrooms and/or porta-potties, parking, and security with your venue contacts. For instance, you will want to discuss when you can gain access to the venue so you can get everything set up and organized well before the start date and time of your event. Will the water be running, will the lights be on, how will you get in the gates, who will secure everything once your staff leaves for the day or night? You will also want to know details of when you must clear the venue of all staff, equipment, and trash after your event.

If you are renting your venue, the venue’s contract will require you to obtain liability insurance. Many venues want you to have coverage limits of $1,000,000.00 for each occurrence (includes Bodily Injury and Property Damage) and Damage to Rental Premises $100,000. On the application, insurers will ask the location of your event, the total days of coverage you want, the estimated total attendance, and probably some details about your event. Prices depend on the details of your event and what coverages you want, (do you want event cancellation, earthquake, workers’ comp., cyber liability, etc.) but you should be able to get a policy for approximately $2,000 to $3,000. It pays to get several quotes. Feel free to contact A to Z if you want more details.

The venue owners or operators will also make you and your organization responsible for any vendors you have. For instance, their contract will usually state that you and your organization are responsible for alcoholic beverage permits and to ensure that minors are not served alcohol. For security and safety reasons, be sure the vendors do not sell fireworks, weapons, or toys that look like weapons. For instance, you may want to prohibit sales of knives and guns and toy guns, knives, slingshots, martial arts weapons, etc.

Depending on the location and set up of the venue, you may need the cooperation of the city or community in order to block streets behind the stage so that you can get traffic into and out of your venue without conflicting with the traffic and parking of your audience.

For a handy checklist of these points, more about having vendors, and other items you should discuss with your venue owners/operators, just contact A to Z Entertainment, Inc.! 888-655-4575

Have fun!

How to Have a Successful Concert Event – Introduction

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