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How to Have a Successful Concert Event – 3 Taking Care of Your Audience

How to Have Successful Concert Events. Thank you for visiting A to Z Entertainment, Inc. In addition to booking comedians, speakers and entertainers, we have successfully helped plan and produce many, many concert events and music festivals across the country. This post discusses Taking Care of Your Audience as part of our guide to help you have great concert events. We also hope you choose A to Z as your entertainment booking agency and event planner and producer. The purpose of this guide is to help you and your organization plan and conduct your event so that it is a success. Call us for free at 888-655-4575 because the advice is always free from A to Z!

How to have a Successful Concert Event from A to Z! Taking Care of Your Audience

Audience Considerations for Your Concert Events 888-655-4575

Whether the purpose of your event is to earn money, raise funds for a charitable cause, or just to give back to your community with a free show, be sure to consider what entertainers your audience will desire, not who you, your committee, or leaders want. Also, consider how convenient your venue is for your audience. As discussed in the VENUE section, you will want to think about competing events, where the audience will park, how they will get to the venue, and whether hotels and restaurants are close by.

     When promoting your event, be sure to mention all the details of your event as they pertain to your audience. For instance, whether you are advertising your event via social media, a website, the local radio, TV, and newspapers, be sure the audience knows who is performing, the date(s) and times, ticket prices, and whether there will be food and beverage vendors and other activities such as a fireworks show. Give suggestions about where to park and how to ride closer to the event via buses or shuttle service, if available.

     You should also imagine yourself as an audience member and think of his or her concerns like drinking water, restrooms, food, drinks, is seating provided or does the audience have to bring their own chairs? Are there any prohibited items? Will there be security for families and children? Will there be a schedule posted and an emcee to make announcements? Will the audience be able to find everything in the crowd… the water, restrooms, and designated seating? Will food and souvenir vendors be available?

     If you are going to provide seating for your sponsors and VIPs, make sure that the general audience can still get close to the stage and easily see the entertainers! Perhaps have the VIPs and sponsors seating located to one side of the stage, but on risers. This way, the VIPs have great seats and the general audience can still get seats close to the performers too. (Risers: A platform to elevate a group of people above a crowd, often arranged with similar platforms in tiers)

     If your audience is purchasing tickets make sure all the ticket details and policies such as pricing, refunds, etc. are made known well in advance of the event and posted at the event.

Here’s a check-list to use when thinking about your event’s audience:

  • You have traffic control so your audience can get to your event and get home from the event in a reasonable manner
  • You have provided for those with disabilities
  • You have provided water, restrooms or porta-potties, and hand washing stations for your audience and someone will keep these facilities stocked and cleaned
  • You have the porta-potties located well to the sides and back of the venue. Do not station the porta-potties close to the stage, vendors, or merchandise areas. (It’s not a “good look” or smell.)
  • You have provided enough security so that your audience feels safe
  • You have made it so that everyone in the audience can see the entertainers perform
  • You have provided enough trash receptacles to accommodate your audience
  • You have a plan to handle an audience member’s medical emergency
  • You have paths designated so that large numbers of people can exit the venue quickly, if necessary
  • You have clear pathways so that emergency personnel (police, fire, ambulance) can gain access to the venue

For other tips and tricks about your concert events and audience considerations, just contact A to Z Entertainment, Inc.! 888-655-4575

How to Have a Successful Concert Event – Introduction

How to have a Successful Concert Event from A to Z! Your Venue

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