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How to Have a Successful Concert Event – Part 4 Your Team, Organization and Communications

How to Have Successful Concert Events. Thank you for visiting A to Z Entertainment, Inc. In addition to booking comedians, speakers and entertainers, we have successfully helped plan and produce many, many concert events and music festivals across the country. This post discusses Organizing Your Team and Communications as part of our guide to help you have great concert events. We also hope you choose A to Z as your entertainment booking agency and event planner and producer. The purpose of this guide is to help you and your organization plan and conduct your event so that it is a success. Call us for free at 888-655-4575 because the advice is always free from A to Z!

How to have a Successful Concert Event from A to Z! Organizing Your Team and Communications
Assembling Your Team for Your Concert Events 888-655-4575


“Many hands make light work; divide and conquer”

It will be easier to produce your event if you have various tasks assigned to teams led by team leaders. After establishing your event’s director, assistant directors, team leaders, teams, and key people, make a chart or list of these names, their corresponding roles, and their phone numbers. Have some method, such as posted lists or handouts, or both, for all key people, to let all staff and volunteers know the role of all staff, where to find everyone else and how to contact them. Establish some method such as wristbands or name badges so that everyone can identify event staff from the audience/fans and the staff of the entertainers and can help everyone know who is allowed backstage and who is not.

You should have more staff/volunteers than you think you will need to replace those that do not show, get sick, or otherwise cannot complete their duties. It is better to have more helpers than not enough. Some staff can give others breaks and can assist other teams as needed.

You will also want someone to serve as Master of Ceremonies (“MC or emcee”). This person should have good diction and a clear voice to make announcements and introduce the entertainers. You want someone with an upbeat attitude who can express enthusiasm, not someone with a monotone or mousy voice. The stage manager might also be your MC.

You will probably need team leaders and teams for: site set up/take down, security, safety, stagehands/helpers, catering/hospitality, water and ice team, runners/drivers, merchandise helpers, meet and greet/photographers, clean-up crew, entertainer guides/liaison, signage team, traffic/parking control. If you are using golf carts or ATVs to transport people and materials, you may want to have someone in charge of keeping track of the golf carts/ATVs also.

Some teams and team leaders can have more than one role. For example, after the signage is in place, this team does not have anything to do except take down the signs after the event. Thus, they could also serve on another team such as clean-up crew, water and ice team, and the team that gives rest and meal breaks to other teams.      

The stagehands/helpers should not have any other role except to help load the entertainers’ equipment up to the stage and back from the stage to the entertainers’ vehicles/trailers. The rest break and “stand-by area” of the stagehands/helpers should be very close to the stage.

Whether your event has access to a nearby building or you are going to use recreational vehicles (RVs), or tents, be sure to use signs to direct people to key areas and to label the key areas and locations of staff and teams. For example, put signs designating the area(s) for your staff, the entertainers’ staffs, the areas (RVs, tents, rooms) of the entertainers (dressing room(s), green room), catering area, meet and greet area, restrooms, and so forth.

If your organization has people that are nurses or Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs), security officers, electricians, photographers, social media and computer/technical experts, or health and safety experts, of if you can get volunteers with experience in these fields, all of these people can be excellent resources for both planning and then producing your event.

  • You have lists of all key people and team leaders and their phone numbers are posted and/or printed and distributed, or both
  • Signs are posted designating key areas
  • You have staff IDs established via name badges or wristbands
  • You have counted the total number of staff and volunteers to feed
  • The team leaders have let their team members know when and where to report and understand their team’s duties and the schedule of the day’s events


     At the beginning of each day of your event, you should have meetings of your staff and all key people such as the production company supervisor, the stage manager, team leaders, catering, security and safety staff. Be sure to go over the day’s schedule, and the inclement weather plan. You may also want to discuss any issues particular to the entertainers that will arrive and perform that day. If your meeting is on a second or third day of your event, be sure to discuss the plan to rectify any issues or difficulties encountered on the first day. Always ask for questions as this may help clear up any misunderstandings anyone has. You want everyone on the same sheet of music, so good communication is the bridge between confusion and clarity.

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