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How to Have a Successful Concert Event – Part 5 Layout and Set up of Your Back Stage Area

How to Have Successful Concert Events. Thank you for visiting A to Z Entertainment, Inc. In addition to booking comedians, speakers and entertainers, we have successfully helped plan and produce many, many concert events and music festivals across the country. This post discusses layout and set up of your back stage area as part of our guide to help you have great concert events. We also hope you choose A to Z as your entertainment booking agency and event planner and producer. The purpose of this guide is to help you and your organization plan and conduct your event so that it is a success. Call us for free at 888-655-4575 because the advice is always free from A to Z!

How to have a Successful Concert Event from A to Z! Layout and Set up of Your Back Stage Area at Your Concert Events 888-655-4575


     Carefully plan and consider the layout of your backstage area so that key areas and staff are conveniently and safely setup close to the stage area. You should make a sketch or map of the area and walk around the area to consider the flow of traffic, events and people before establishing the setup of tents, tables, chairs, and/or recreational vehicles (RVs). Keeping all established areas close together will enhance communications and operations. (One exception is the entertainer’s merchandise sales area, which should be set up: (a) as close as possible to the main audience entrance/exit or (b) if the artists prefer, to one side in front of the stage) Be sure to refer to your contracts/riders to determine the number of vehicles and the number of staff that the entertainers will bring. For example, the headline act may have a semi-trailer 80’ long or two 45’ long, 9’ wide, tour buses and a 19’ trailer, and the additional entertainers may arrive in a truck with a trailer, or come in two or three large vans. Therefore, you will want to ensure you designate enough space for the entertainers’ vehicles and trailers and be sure that they can back in very close to the stage. They will need space around the vehicles and trailers to unload and upload their equipment. Remember that the vehicles will emit exhaust, be noisy, and probably need electrical cables run to and around them and ramps behind them to unload equipment. Thus, this will probably affect where you decide to put all your other designated areas.

     Be aware that often the buses have an on-board monitoring device that records how long the drivers have been driving. Alternatively, the driver must keep a log of their hours per the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Once they shut off the bus, by law they cannot start it again, until a certain number of hours have passed. Therefore, be sure the buses park where they need to be without blocking other vehicles.

     A ramp, or ramps, will make unloading the entertainers’ equipment, lights and speakers on to, and down from, the stage much easier and much faster. If the stage is constructed, be sure to discuss a strong, wide, safe ramp(s) with the builder. Rails on either side help prevent people and valuable equipment from falling off the ramp. Depending on your budget, it may pay to rent or build a ramp(s) that can hold significant weight. Be sure to secure it to the stage so that it cannot shift and to light it well after dark.

     You should establish your staff area separate from the entertainer’s staff area. You may decide that both crews may share the catering/hospitality area. If A to Z staff will be on site to help, they should usually be located closer to the entertainers and their crew area.

     Plan how you will control access to the backstage area. Are there existing barriers or will you have to setup crowd-control barriers and signs? Will you need someone assigned to control certain pathways or traffic?

     When possible, you should use tarps, windscreen barriers on existing fences or temporary fences, and sponsors banners to help separate the backstage area from the audience area. Blocking off the backstage area from the audience seating area will help with security, help control wind and noise, and help the audience focus on the stage and your backstage staff focus on backstage operations. You want to make the division obvious to the public/audience so that they will not wander into your backstage area and cause issues.

Bike Rack Fencing
Shore Power at your Venue
  • You have a map or sketch of the backstage area and have considered the route(s) into and out of the backstage area. One way traffic is usually best!
  • You have designated team leaders and teams to set up and take down tents, RVs, tables, chairs, barricades and fencing, traffic cones, etc.
  • You have labeled or marked all of your organization’s equipment so that it does       not inadvertently get confused with the caterer’s, production team’s or entertainer’s equipment
  • You know the number and size of vehicles and trailers that the entertainers will have for the day’s show and have kept spaces reserved close to the stage for these vehicles and plenty of space to unload/upload their equipment.
  • You have two generators for electrical power (or backup power) and have these next to the stage (If you do not have shore power (power already established at your venue) Check with your production company.
  • You know how many entertainers and staff members/helpers they will bring to the event so you can accommodate and feed them if agreed upon in the contract.
  • You have an area (room, tent, RV) designated for the key leaders and team leaders, rest and break areas for your staff, the entertainers, the entertainer’s staff, the stagehand staff, the catering/dining area, the meet and greet area, security staff, restrooms or porta-potties, hand-washing stations, lost and found, lost children, etc.
  • You have established barriers and temporary fences, to keep the audience separated from the backstage areas
  • You have trash receptacles throughout the backstage area and have a designated crew to take away trash to a dumpster(s)

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