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Having Safe Events and Meetings During Coronavirus

We had a safe and successful event in June with funny speaker and Barney Fife impersonator Rik Roberts. A Chamber of Commerce group had a membership drive in East Tennessee with 275 people in the audience and Rik Roberts was both entertaining and informative as the keynote speaker!

Here’s how the venue kept everyone safe despite the corona virus:

  • Prior to the event, the guest invitations politely asked that anyone feeling ill, at all, please stay home.
  • On arrival, each person attending the event was checked with a thermal scanner and then issued a wristband to let others know that he or she had a normal temperature.
  • The venue spread the guests’ tables out to three ball rooms, instead of one and limited the number of guests at a table to four, although the tables usually seat about seven people. The venue used large TV monitors so everyone could see the keynote speaker Rik Roberts.
  • Masks and hand sanitizer were provided for everyone.
  • The venue staff wore masks and gloves and frequently sanitized common areas (e.g. restrooms, door handles, etc.).
  • Guests were served covered food and beverage individually, instead of buffet style.

It is that easy to have safe events folks. Please share your thoughts and ideas about having safe events!

If you have questions or want more details about having safe events contact Mari at A to Z Entertainment, Inc., email:  or call her at 888-655-4575. Advice is always free from A to Z!

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Rik Roberts is a Nashville, TN based comedian and speaker who focuses on providing 100% clean comedy and creative keynotes to groups who need a fun and engaging program. Rik is also a funny Barney Fife impersonator. You may have heard or seen Rik already. He’s appeared on the “Bananas Family Comedy Show”, CMT’s “20 Greatest Redneck Moments”, American Family Network’s “Laugh Out Loud”, NPR’s “Car Talk”, and on Sirius/XM Radio’s LaughUSA and Blue Collar channels. Rik also often performs on the Huckabee TV show on TBN and Newsmax. Thanks again to our client, Rik Roberts, and to YOU for reading and sharing our article!   

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