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We booked country rock music singer Uncle Kracker for a private corporate event recently and everyone had a great time! As usual, Uncle Kracker and his crew gave a superb show and they delighted their holiday party audience. We were onsite to help produce this show and had as much fun as the audience did. We can help you book Uncle Kracker and other excellent entertainers for your shows and events. So, call us now at 888-655-4575 and we’ll be happy to help you have a great event too!


Uncle Kracker (Matt Shafer) and his two guitarists gave an excellent acoustic show and Uncle Kracker sang many of his big hits. Around 250 guests had a blast at the party. You should book Uncle Kracker for your party too, because he is a professional performer, an awesome singer, and everyone will have fun!

Uncle Kracker released his debut solo album, “Double Wide”, in 2001. Uncle Kracker had performed alongside Kid Rock since 1994, and both liked a combination of funky, rock with a hip-hop feel. Double Wide also featured the hit pop single entitled “Follow Me,” and the album went double platinum on the strength of that Top 10 hit.

Friends with Kid Rock from an early age, Uncle Kracker co-wrote and contributed to Kid Rock’s album, “Devil Without A Cause”.

Uncle Kracker followed his country-rock-rap album “Double Wide” with “No Stranger to Shame” and earned another top-ten hit with his rendition of Mentor Williams’/Dobie Gray’s “Drift Away”.

Uncle Kracker had another super song by co-writing Kid Rock’s popular single “All Summer Long,” and he returned to doing his own thin in 2009 with “Happy Hour”. 

Then, Uncle Kracker flew up the charts for 5 weeks at #1 with “When the Sun Goes Down”, a duet with good friend Kenny Chesney. And after a few summer tours with Chesney, Uncle Kracker reached country’s Top 10 with his double-platinum crossover hit “Smile”. Then, 2012 saw him fully embrace his country side with his critically acclaimed fifth outing, “Midnight Special” which leaves no doubt that the feel-good country rocker is exactly where he should be.

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Uncle Kracker – Smile

We’re your best agency for hiring and booking Uncle Kracker and other live country music bands and country and rock music singers! We can help you book and hire any country rock musicians and country tribute bands too and we’ll help you plan and produce your shows and events. Call 888-655-4575 now to check available dates for booking Uncle Kracker.

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  1. Josie Holmes says:

    I just love him!! Great songs with a good dance beat!

    1. LTRandA says:

      Thanks for visiting our site Josie and thanks for making a comment about Uncle Kracker. Uncle Kracker is a very talented singer and songwriter! We agree that he has great songs. Lots of folks were dancing at the event!

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