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PAUL KRISMER Safety and Health Speaker

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Paul Krismer has a proven 20-year track record as a Safety and Disability Management leader. 

Within a workers’ compensation system, Paul excelled in multi-faceted senior management roles. Early in his career, he spearheaded a total reform of underwriting systems at a massive employer insurance organization, resulting in the creation of a pricing model that directly reflects safety outcomes.  

Paul has led groups of more than 200 professional disability management staff. As an Executive Account Manager, Paul served as a consultant to high risk and high claims volume employers and industries, introducing innovative and powerful interventions. Few leaders have as much, and as varied, experience in the field of workers compensation as Paul does.  

As a public speaker and trainer, Paul Krismer’s authentic and passionate commitment to his subject matter shines through. Each presentation is packed with useful information and practical tools based on the science of positive emotions. Accented by playful and captivating storytelling, Paul’s presentations are also highly engaging. His teaching is powerful, authoritative and convincing. He gets the point across that increased happiness has serious outcomes—improved safety and reduced disability.  

His best-selling book, “Whole Person Happiness” gives everyone access to his expertise. As a teacher of cutting edge positive psychology, he is truly a “Happiness Expert”.  

Paul Krismer is a proud member of the International Positive Psychology Association and the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers. He is the founder and CEO of the Happiness Experts Company. 

Paul Krismer Speaking Topics

Powerful Safety Cultures in the Mature Economy

You probably have a solid, well-established written safety program. Your people know what they’re supposed to do. But are they doing it? Breakdowns in safety often occur because of the persistent, unintended emphasis on productivity, or employee indifference to safe job procedures. These persistent problems can be solved! It requires simple, consistent actions as part of a long-term commitment to positive safety cultures. Participants will learn 21st Century Leadership qualities:  

  • How to win hearts and minds
  • Alignment of vision and action 
  • Leading by example 
  • Drive attention to what matters 
  • Practical tools to put into action right away

Integrity: Being a Safety Superstar

Safety really can be “Job One”!  

Many senior leaders, front-line supervisors, safety officers and union representatives come to their roles because they are experts in their subject matter, but safety leadership requires much more than job-specific skills. This talk de-emphasizes the job skills leaders individually know and instead asks participants who they are. In this presentation, men and women who influence the behavior of staff will learn a mindset that shifts them from overseers of business processes to genuine role models—seeing the big picture, articulating the direction, and embracing their team in a collaborative and committed mission. Transformative organizational change occurs when everyone walks the talk, operating with emotional intelligence and profound personal integrity.

Not Heroic: Just Save Lives

Culture is found in the conversation—the basic human relationships that form the context in which work is done. This talk shows exactly how companies can move from good in theory to good in practice. Based on real life work, see how culture can be practically changed. Learn, step by step, a complete approach to changing the human-to-human dynamic in a workplace setting.  Funny, dramatic and, at the same time, do-able! Walk away with a whole new concept of what constitutes a culture of safety!

Combatting Inattention: Mindfulness Matters

The best safety systems have little application if workers are distracted and unfocused as they do their work. And we are all distracted these days. We are busier than ever, constantly considering our to-do lists, our relationships, our future worries and our past challenges. Combine this constant mental chatter with the perils of routine, repetitive work tasks and you have a recipe for disaster.

The secret weapon against distractions from safety is mindfulness. Mindfulness is as important for your brain as exercise and nutrition are for your body. To be mindful is to be fully present with what is actually happening in the moment. Everyone can learn shortcuts to being focused, on task and holding distracting thoughts and emotions at a distance. 

Testimonials for Paul Krismer

Paul led a two hour workshop at our conference.  We got overwhelming positive feedback from the conference attendees. Paul brought an inspiring message . . . . If you are looking for an engaging speaker who can shift perspectives, I recommend Paul. R. Corbeil, SAFER

As a regular event planner, I am always looking for fresh, exciting speakers. Paul was everything I could hope for: professional, polished, funny, and very informative. My audience loved him! L. Tate, The Institute of Families

Paul worked closely with our team and tailored the content to fit our unique needs. He easily engaged the audience with his energy and enthusiasm and I was amazed at how he made it all make sense with some practical skills to put into practice right away. T. Scott, Amica

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