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SAMMY SAWYER Comedian, Barney Fife Impersonator, Voice Over Artist

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Sammy Sawyer is an Impersonator, Humorist and a Christian Speaker.

He may play Barney Fife as an impersonator and look-alike, but in real life Sammy Sawyer is a native of east Tennessee and for the past several years has made appearances as look-alike and impressionist of Barney Fife in several states from coast to coast and in a variety of venues. Sammy Sawyer has extensive experience in front of audiences of all sizes.

In the early 1990s, Sammy Sawyer and some friends created a live show called “A Mayberry Christmas,” based on parts of the television series’ holiday episode. It gained a big audience, and Sawyer’s Deputy Fife continued. He met the talented actor Don Knotts on a few occasions and Sammy Sawyer has traveled many places as the comic deputy Barney Fife.

Along with his various personal appearances, Sammy Sawyer has also performed on stage as well as radio and television. Sammy has made numerous appearances as a Barney Fife impersonator along with a list of other voices and characters that he enjoys doing as well.

For instance, Sawyer can imitate other characters from Mayberry, most notably Gomer Pyle. Sammy Sawyer can even fool audiences into hearing Aunt Bee stirring up some sweet potato pie. He’s done voice-overs on local radio and various commercials with comic characters like Mickey Mouse and Scooby-Doo. One assignment had him doing Barney Fife in a TV commercial for a car dealership in Atlanta.

Being a Barney Fife impersonator is his favorite and Sammy still lives in east Tennessee. He and his wife Dawn have 4 sons Taylor, Logan, Peyton, and Hudson.

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Travels from:  Tennessee

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